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Cricket Hong Kong ( hereafter referred to as CHK ) is the sole national sports association responsible for the governance of the sport of cricket in Hong Kong and the Code of Behaviour for Players and Player Support Personnel (the Code of Behaviour)  is adopted and implemented as part of CHK’s ongoing efforts to maintain the public image, popularity and integrity of cricket by providing:

(a) an effective means to deter any participant from conducting themselves improperly on and off the ‘field-of-play’ or in a manner that is contrary to the ‘spirit of cricket’; and

(b) a robust disciplinary procedure pursuant to which all matters of improper conduct can be dealt with fairly, with certainty and in an expeditious manner.

CHK has adopted a zero tolerance towards corruption and indiscipline in the game.

The Code of Behaviour shall apply to all forms of cricket under the auspices of the CHK in respect of the following disciplinary matters:

1. Any allegation of corruption (as defined in Article 2 of the ICC Anti-Corruption Code for Players and Player Support Personnel or as provided in Appendix 1 of the ICC Code of Conduct for Umpires) in connection with any form or level of cricket under the authority of the CHK;

2.. Alleged breaches of the Code of Conduct (in Article 2) which occur on or off the field in connection with any of the following fixtures or competitions:

     a. International fixtures, either official or unofficial, involving any Hong Kong team;

     b. Any fixtures or competitions organised by CHK;

     c. Any other fixture or competition in which it is agreed by the parties thereto that any disciplinary matters relating thereto shall be the responsibility of the CHK,

except where the matter (be it an alleged breach of the Code of Behaviour or of corruption) occurs under the authority of another body whose authority the CHK has acknowledged shall apply to such matters.

Matters relating to anti-doping or employment contracts are not governed by the Code of Behaviour. Unless otherwise indicated, references to Articles and Appendices are to articles and appendices of the Code of Behaviour. 

Throughout the Code of Behaviour:

a) words importing the masculine gender include the feminine;

b) unless the contrary intention appears, words in the singular include the plural and words in the plural include the singular.


Code of Behaviour Panel Members

John McNamara

Colin Cohen

Nick Brown

David Brettel

Matt Stiller (Secretary)

2016-17 Offences

23/10/2016 - Iftikhar Ahmed (USRC/MCC) - Level 3 Offence - Threat of Assault on an Umpire (2.3.2) - 5 Match Suspension

03/12/2016 - Iftikhar Ahmed (USRC/MCC) - Level 1 Offence - Dissent towards an Umpire (2.1.3) - 1 Match Suspension

12/03/2017 - Robin Singh (City Kaitak) - Level 2 Offence - Unruly public behaviour and inappropriate comments (2.2.14) - 1 Match Suspension

26/03/2017 - Mohsan Khan (PACC) - Level 1 Offence - Public criticism of, or inappropriate comment in relation to an incident occurring in a Match or any Player, Player Support Personnel, Match Official or Team participating in a match, irrespective of when such criticism or inappropriate comment is made (2.1.7) - 1 Match Suspension and written reprimand

23/04/2017 - Umar Mohammad (USRC) - Level 1 Offence - Showing dissent to an Umpire's decision during a match (2.1.3) - 1 Match Suspension

23/04/2017 - Ilyas Gull (USRC) - Level 1 Offence - Showing dissent to an Umpire's decision during a match (2.1.3) - 1 Match Suspension

23/04/2017 - Awais Mohammad (USRC) - Level 2 Offence - Showing dissent to an Umpire's decision during a match (2.2.1) - 2 Match Suspension

23/04/2017 - Lou Coulthard (USRC/MCC) - Level 2 Offence (2.2.14) - 3 Match Suspension

02/04/2017 - Roy Lamsam (KCC) - Level 3 Offence (2.3.5) - 5 Match Suspension

02/04/2017 - Shiroy Vachha (KCC) - Level 3 Offence (2.3.5) - 5 Match Suspension

2017-18 Offences

03/09/2017 - Anthony Marrin (CHK Sportsroad Dragons) - Level 1 Offence (2.1.2) - Abuse of Cricket equipment or clothing, ground equipment or fixtures and fittings during a match - Written Reprimand

22/10/2017 - Anus Khan (PACC) - Level 2 Offence (2.2.1) - Serious dissent at an umpires decision.  2 Match Suspension 

03/12/2017 - Deepinder Singh (KCC) - Level 1 Offence (2.1.3) - Showing dissent at an umpires decision during a match. 1 Match Suspension

28/01/2018 - Chandrin Dissanayake - Level 2 Offence (2.2.14) - 2 Match Suspension


2016 CHK Code of Behaviour

Match incident - Code of Conduct Report

Code of Behaviour, Playing Conditions & Competition Rules 2016 - 2017 

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