HK Sixes

The Hong Kong Sixes is set to make a return in 2017, following a five-year absence from the international calendar. The iconic Hong Kong tournament played at Kowloon Cricket Club was first played in 1992, with the most recent edition taking place in 2012.

The date set for the Sixes is October 27-29 with teams playing in the event due to be announced in May.

The Sixes is a truly international event, with at least 8 countries set to compete in the 2017 event in the game’s shortest and fastest format. Some of the World’s biggest players have turned out in the Hong Kong Sixes, including Shane Warne, Wasim Akram, David Warner, Jonty Rhodes and Anil Kumble.

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The rules of Sixes cricket are very simple and quite different to any other format of the game.

  • Games are played between two teams of six players, and each game consists of a maximum of five six-ball overs bowled by each side.
  • Each member of the fielding side bowls one over, with the exception of the wicket-keeper.
  • Wides and no-balls count as two runs.
  • If five wickets fall before 5 overs are completed, the last remaining batsman bats on with the fifth batsman acting as a runner. He always takes strike. The innings is complete when the sixth wicket falls.
  • Batsmen retire not out on reaching 31 runs. The idea being to reach 36 runs by hitting 6 sixes. A retired batsman can return to the crease after lower-order batsmen either retire or are out.