31 Oct 2017

2018 Hong Kong T20 Blitz fixtures released

In the wake of a successful Hong Kong World Sixes tournament, the 2018 Hong Kong T20 Blitz fixtures have been released, with the event to be played from February 6-11.

2017 finalists City Kaitak will face off against Hung Hom JD Jaguars in the tournament opener on Tuesday the 6th at 2pm, with the tournament extended to a sixth day to remove the triple-header of games previously played on the Saturday.

City Kaitak will back up on the morning of the second day's action against HKI United, while defending champions Kowloon Cantons will begin their tournament defence against Galaxy Gladiators Lantau in the Wednesday afternoon match.

The tournament final will be played between the top two sides at 2pm on Sunday February 11.

"Everyone at Cricket Hong Kong is on a high after the Sixes and we're excited to get to work on the Blitz now to take that up another level," Head of Major Tournaments Max Abbott said.

"The draw sees each team play two morning and two afternoon matches and the decision to extend the event to six days was taken after feedback from players and staff that the three-game day, which required a 7.45am start on Saturday was a bit taxing."

"The matches are evenly spaced out now and it gives us a big opportunity during the week to get as many schools in as possible."

The domestic player draft will take place on Thursday November 2, with City Kaitak drawing top selection.

The Jaguars drew pick two and will be followed by HKI United, Kowloon Cantons and Galaxy Gladiators Lantau. Lantau will get the benefit of pick number one in the second round of selections.

The full list of available players is on the Hong Kong T20 Blitz section of this page.

Full NameClub/Team
Aarush BhagwatKCC
Adeel Ahmad Shafrique MCC Young Cricketers 
Adit GorawaraKCC 
Aftab HussainDLSWCC 
Ahsan Ali Abbsai USRC 
Amandeep SinghDLSWC
Ankur VasishtaInfidels 
Anton Buntin HKCC
Asad Mahmood Vagabonds Cricket Club
Ashley Caddy KCC
Awais MohammadUSRC 
Chan Ka MingCCC Hung See
Christopher WhiteHKCC - Wanderers
Courtney Kruger HKCC
Daljeet Singh HKCC
Damien Yee CHK Dragons
Daniel PascoeKCC 
Daniyal Bukhari PACC 
Daood AshfagKCC
Deveng Bulsara KCC
Edwin Ang CHK Dragons
Etesham Mohammad RawaidVagabonds Cricket Club
Hamed Khan PACC 
Harpreet Singh DLSWCC 
Hassan Khan HKCC
Hiren PatelDLSWCC JKN 
Imran Arif PACC 
Iqbal Ateeg Ul RehmanKCC
Isaac PooleHKCC
Ishaq, Ibraheem Mohammad DLSWCC 
Ishtiaq MuhammadPACC 
Jamie Atkinson KCC 
Jason LuiCCC Hung See/CHK Dragons
Junaid Mohammad Vagabonds Cricket Club
Ka-U LynnCHK Dragons
Kalhan Marc ChalluKCC 
Khalid Hussain Butt PACC 
Khan MohammadVagabonds Cricket Club
Martin Versfeld Hkcc Optimists 
Matt StillerKCC
Minhas Mohammed OsamaDLSWCC
Mohammad GhazanfarDLSWCC
Mohammad HamazPACC 
Mohammad HuzafahVagabonds Cricket Club
Mohammad Kamran PACC 
Mohammad Nabeel Javed PACC 
Mohammad UsmanUSRC 
Mohammed Ali KCC
Mohammod Saad MahmoodVagabonds Cricket Club
Mohsin Khan DLSWCC
Mudassar Hussain DLSWCC
Muhammad BalalPACC 
Muhammad Moner Ahmed DLSWCC
Muhammad Umar USRC 
Niaz AliUSRC 
Ninad Deveng ShahKCC
Raag Kapur HKCC
Rana NasrullaPACC 
Rory Caines HKCC Scorpions
Ryan Sean BuckleyHKCC
Safaraz Khan DLSWCC
Saqib MahmoodDLSWCC
Sarwar ShanUSRC 
Scott MckechnieKCC
Seigfried Wai CHK Dragons
Shah Shak SDLSWCC 
Sheryar Saeed DLSW DTC 
Sikandar ZafarUSRC 
Singh GurjunderKCC Crusaiders 
Singh ManjinderPACC 
Singh Simandeep PansotraKCC 
Skhawat Ali PACC 
Suhaib AhmadKCC
Sunny Bhimsaria KCC
Tim Cutler HKCC
Tom Ingram HKCC
Umair Khan DLSWCC 
Wajid Shah Mohammad Hk U19, Kent CC (UK)
Waqar Dawood PACC 
Yasim MurtazaPACC 
Zeeshan Ali PACC 
Available National Squad
Nadeem Ahmed
Tanveer Ahmed
Chris Carter
Adil Mehmood
Waqas Khan
Giacomo Lamplough
Anshuman Rath
Shahid Wasif
Kyle Christie
Babar Hayat (KC)
Ehsan Nawaz (KC)
Aizaz Khan (CK)
Waqas Barkat (CK)
Nizakat Khan (HHJ)
Kinchit Shah (HHJ)
Tanwir Afzal (HKI)
Ehsan Khan (HKI)
Karandeep Singh (GGL)
Haroon Arshad (GGL)