12 Sep 2018

CHK Dragons are ready to face Japan in East Asia Cup tomorrow

One day until the start of the East Asia Cup, the CHK Dragons are in the final stages of preparation and believe that they are as ready to compete in this important tournament. With a first game against Japan tomorrow, Korea the current champions on the following day and a Saturday clash against China, the squad, led by Li Kai Ming are upbeat about being able to turn home advantage into positive results.

"Without doubt we are excited about the tournament and our prospects. The East Asia Cup is a highlight of the Chinese Cricket programme in Hong Kong and there is a friendly but strong rivalry with the teams from China, Korea and Japan. We are expecting close games all the way through.Since the last East Asia Cup, the team has grown and improved. There's a good balance of experienced and young players with different speciality in the team now. " said CHK Sportsroad Dragons, Li Kai Ming.

“The squad have successfully completed all preparations over the last two months and there is a good deal of excitement and confidence in the camp.” said Richard Waite, the Head Coach of the CHK Dragons. 

“We have a good blend of players who are familiar with the very different grounds that we will be playing on, and an experienced captain to lead the team.”