08 Nov 2018

Revised Constitution - Election of Directors

Cricket Hong Kong seeks nominations from suitably qualified people for election to fill nine  (9) Director positions at the forthcoming Annual General Meeting to be held on January 2019.

We value diversity in the composition of our Board of Directors and therefore strongly encourage individuals from diversity of backgrounds, especially women, to apply.  This is an exceptional opportunity to contribute to the well-being of  the Hong Kong community through sporting excellence. 

Following the recent changes to its constitution, CHK invites applications for Directors to be elected at the Annual General Meeting in January 2019. Board members are usually elected to a three-year term but due to the nature and implementation of the new constitution, approved in October 2018, three (3) directors will retire by rotation at the end of Year 1 and a further three (3) will retire at the end of year 2. Further details regarding the directors and their rotation may be found in Articles 11.1 and 11.4 of the revised Articles of Association (Press HERE to view)

Please download an application pack HERE

The positions for which applications and nominations are being sought are:

  • Chairperson
  • Director – Finance
  • Director – Cricket
  • Director – Facilities
  • Director – Development
  • Director – Commercial and Marketing
  • Independent Directors (3)

Detailed descriptions of the Board positions may be found here Package 1 & Package 2 together with the CHK Code of Governance and Board Support Framework.

Applications close on 3 December 2018 at 17h00.