Coaches Corner

This is page for CHK Coaches - resources, claim forms, schedules and any updates:

CHK Coaching Course
1. Foundation Level Coaching Course will be hosted in August 2018 
    Details / Application Form 

Becoming a coach with CHK
1. All coaches need to register on a yearly basis(Sept) and attend mandatory meetings throughout the year 
2. All coaches need to get SCRC check in order to coach any school or community related programs.
3. All coaches are recommended to have first aid/standard CPR training.
4. Any one wishing to become part of CHK Coaching Team may email:

Coaching Duties: (registered coaches only)
1. Each month's new duty will be uploaded on 1st of every month via:

2. Sign up is between 1st - 10th and confirmation of assigned duty is 11th - 15th via email.

3. Please fill out following google form for preferred classes. 
    Each coach is allowed up to 3 options per month. 
    If more than one coach signs up for course, random draw will be done to pick coach. 

Coaching Claim: 
Please use your email to log in, invite only ACCESS. Google Drive
Reminder all coaching claims are due on 5th of following month! This includes TIMESHEET and ATTENDANCE

Coaching Resources: 
Session Plans 
Session Booklet (Chinese Version)
Session Booklet (English Version)