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The Cricket Hong Kong, China Board consists of 9 Non-Executive Directors (6 with Portfolio and 3 Independent Directors) who work collectively in the interest of Hong Kong cricket. The Directors were elected after a thorough nomination process that was comprised of persons who were independent of Cricket Hong Kong, China.

The term of Directors is 3 years and a Director is eligible for election for an additional 3 year term subject to the Articles of Association.

As the Board is in transition, the some directors will retire prior to the expiration of their current 3 year term but will eligible for re-election. The rotation period for 2022-2025 is as follows:

  • 2023 Annual General Meeting: Director-Development, Director-Cricket and Independent Director A.
  • 2024 Annual General Meeting: Director-Facilities, Director-Finance and Independent Director B
  • 2025 Annual General Meeting: Chairperson, Director-Commercial & Marketing and Independent Director B

last updated: 13th Sep 2022