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Jockey Club Community Sustainability Program

A page dedicated to the Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund - Cricket For All program.

Hong Kong has a large ethnic minority community of South Asian origin. Often ethnic minority youth are considered at risk. Cricket is a common interest to many people within the ethnic minority communities though very few are engaged in structured or organized cricket activities within Hong Kong. Many youths are not involved in any sport due to the costs involved or do not have the means to access the sport. Even for those youth hoping to play cricket, finding a suitable venue presented a major challenge.

With the support of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, we aim to remove the barriers to participation for Ethnic Minority/South Asian youth by aligning using their community centres / organizations as a platform to engage them in cricket activities.

1. Foundation Coaching Course for Sustainable Development

2. Dawoodi Bohra Community Parents & Kids take up cricket

3. Igniting Cricket in HK's Bangladeshi Community

4. Sri Lankan Cricket in Hong Kong

5. Sri Lankan Buddhist Cultural Centre Cricket in Hong Kong

6. Nepali Community Fun Days

7. IOC Young Leaders - Home For All

8. Kung Hei Fat Choi - We Love Hong Kong, We Love Cricket!

About the HKJC Cricket For All Program