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KCC 9 Dragons and Young Saracens

Cricket Hong Kong, China is pleased to announce the joint merger and partnership with The Kowloon Cricket Club 9 Dragons and Young Saracens programme from the 2023/24 season onwards.

The KCC Junior Cricket Program has produced HK national players including Jamie Atkinson, Roy Lamsam, Ninad and Kinchit Shah, Maheen Haider and young gun Aarush Bhagwat.

KCC currently have around 180 kids enrolled who attend sessions on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, where key skills are built which are then put on display in matches organised by CHK on the weekends. They have the only turf training facilities in Hong Kong, and their U15’s and U17’s receive access to these twice a week.

KCC's introduction to Cricket commences at age 4, where basic skills are taught, and the pathway concludes at the U17 age group, where a high proportion of kids who come through the program are offered junior sporting memberships to continue on their cricketing journey with KCC.

Enrolment is now open for the 2023/24 Junior Cricket Program with the first session starting on the 19th of August. The home of the HK Sixes is now open to members and non-members alike. Interested applicants can apply online at the following link: