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1997-98 Season - Saturday Cup/Plate

Congratulations to the following winners: •1997/98 Saturday Cup - Merchants
•1997/98 Saturday Plate - Saracens

Qualifying Round - 7th March 1998
At KCC: KGV 144-7 (N Savalani 43; J Middleton 3-35) beat Crusaders 125 (A Lethbridge 41*; N Savalani 3-58) by 19 runs.

KGV to meet Lamma CC in First Round match on 15th March 1998. Crusaders eliminated.

First Round (matches played 7th March 1998 unless otherwise stated)

At HKCC: Witherers 193-9 (R Mather 57*, J Drew 55) beat Saracens 145 (R Sharma 58, B Shroff 48; S Brew 4-25, D Hales 3-24) by 48 runs.

At Mission Road: Merchants 203-9 (I Gul 43, J Iqbal 34, D Shah 30; B Gohel 5-43) beat St Georgeâs 184 (C Jayasekara 92; J Iqbal 3-35, M Zubair 3-39) by 19 runs.

At PTS: Kai Tak 180-6 (D Burns 30*, B Morely 30; G Jones 3-36) beat Police 119 (K Reynolds 3-34) by 61 runs.

At Sandy Bay: HKU 140-2 (N Naik 61) beat Tartars 138-7 (S Winterhalder 47) by eight wickets.

At KGV: Islanders 188-7 (A French 113) beat DBS (R Lamsam 58, T Dar 36; J Tailor 4-47, A French 3-11) by three wickets.

At HKCC (played 14.3.98): Nomads 308-6 (T Smart 182, J Powell 56; S Weatherly 3-43) beat CCC 161 (D Jones 37, A Slack 65; B Kerr 3-39, G Lalchandani 3-58, G Darwin 3-29) by 147 runs.

At KGV (played 14.3.98): Lamma 267-9 (P Hutchinson 91, B Tarr45, T Hobson 34, C Agar 30; R Sujanani 3-65) beat KGV 158 (R Sujanani 33; B Head 3-33, J Traynor 3-32) by 109 runs.

Cup Quarter-Finals

At HKCC: Gap Ramblers 242-7 (M Winstanley 82*, M Bain 50, A Clarke 43; B Morley 4-37) beat Kai Tak 237-7 (J Douldeday 69, I Hodgson 93; A Yates 2-37) by three wickets.

At DBS (played 14.3.98): Merchants 273-8 (S Hussain 108, H Ali 67, I Gul 34; M Cheruparambil 4-68, S Hawinkels 4-106) beat Islanders 214 (M Cheruparambil 66, A Williams 60, A French 43; P Butani 3-31) by 59 runs.

At Sandy Bay (played 21.3.98): Nomads 209-3 (T Smart 48, J Powell 40, A Ashman 40) beat HKU 208-8 (Barker 40, S Buckman 50, M Sabine 34; M O'Sullivan 3-51, G Lalchandani 3-66) by seven wickets.

At HKCC (played 21.3.98): Witherers 182-5 (N Stearns 67, R McGregor 36) beat Lamma CC 181-8 (M Burns 51, P Hutchinson 36, R Tyre 30; B Hall 3-29, R Wilkinson 3-27) by five wickets.

Plate Quarter-Finals

At KCC (played 14.3.98): Saracens beat Police on a walk-over.

At DBS (played 21.3.98): DBS 242-4 (P Fernando 73, L Jayasinghe 67, T Dar 44, A Harjani 31; R Gooley 3-78) beat Centaurs 106 (S Grange 37; T Dar 5-16) by 136 runs.

At Mission Road (played 21.3.98): St George's 250-5 (B Archer 69, M Ahmed 51, S Lama 50*; J Freeman 3-62) beat CCC 228-7 (I Learmouth 61, S Weatherly 41, A Slack 106; S Lama 5-51) by 22 runs.

At KCC (played 21.3.98): Tartars 230-1 (N Mohammed 119*, D Kelly 36, J James 63*) beat KGV 228-7 (R Sujanani 84) by nine wickets.

Cup Semi-Finals

At Mission Road (played 25.4.98): Merchants 167-3 (H Ali 44*, S Hussain 35) beat Witherers 161-7 (S Brew 43; P Butani 6-51) by seven wickets.

At DBS (played 25.4.98): Gap Ramblers 85-4 (J Foster 36) beat Nomads 84 (G Smith 4-27, M Caddy 3-13) by six wickets.

Plate Semi-Finals

At KCC (played 4.4.98): Saracens 136-3 (R Sharma 74, B Shroff 34*) beat DBS 132 (P Fernando 39; R Sharma 4-18) by seven wickets.

At Mission Road: St George's win by default after Tartars were a no show.

Cup Final

At Mission Road (played 2.5.98): Merchants 204-9 in 33 overs (H Ali 48, T Nimkar 43, S Saeed 39; M Winstanley 3-50, M Caddy 3-41) beat Gap Ramblers 191-8 in 33 overs (D Mallinson 91; J Iqbal 4-54) by 14 runs.

Plate Final

At KCC (played 18.4.98): Saracens 245-4 (R Sharma 133, R Gill 44) beat St George's 223-9 (S Lama 69, P Wilson 65; M Shakil 3-22) by 22 runs.

Saturday Cup and Plate Rules 1997-98

1a) The Saturday Cup and Plate Competitions are open to all Saturday League teams. Entries will be called for by the League & Cup Committee. The Committee may also invite other teams to enter the Competition.

b) The format of the Saturday Cup and Plate Competitions shall be decided by the League & Cup Committee.

c) Teams must notify the HKCA of the names of their players before the draw is made for the first round. No transfers or additions will be allowed without the prior approval of the Match Committee.

d) The player eligibility rule will be strictly enforced. The decision of he Match Committee will be final.


2. The draw for each separate round of matches will be made by a minimum of 3 members of the League & Cup Committee or Match Committee appointed by the Chairman of the League & Match Committee.

Competition Conditions

3a) The Saturday Cup and Plate Competitions will be on a straight knockout basis.

b) All matches are to commence at 1315 hrs or earlier if both Captains agree and will be of one innings for each team.

c) Teams losing first round matches will enter the Plate Competition.

d) Teams losing qualifying round matches will not be able to enter the Plate Competition.

e) Where possible the Match Committee will reschedule a match abandoned as No Result due to inclement weather. Where this is not possible the match will be decided by the toss of a coin.

Playing Conditions and Intervals

4a) Playing conditions will be the same as for Saturday League matches, i.e. 35 overs per innings.

b)The team fielding first shall bowl 35 overs or complete the over which is in progress at 1530 hrs, if this arises first.

c) The team batting second shall be limited to the same number of overs unless the team batting first is all out in fewer than 35 overs, in which case the team batting second shall have the opportunity of batting for the full 35 overs.

d) Notwithstanding b) and c) above, the team batting first may declare at any time before 35 overs are completed, in which case the team batting second shall receive the full 35 overs.

e) The team fielding second will be expected to bowl the same number of overs as the team fielding first by 1755 hrs. Complaints of slow over rates may be referred to the Match Committee under General Rule 13(c).

f) No bowler may bowl more than 10 overs. In the event of a bowler becoming incapacitated, Competition General Rule 13 (a) will apply.

g) There will be a 10-minute interval between innings.


5a) The team scoring the higher number of runs in the allocated number of overs will be deemed the winner.

b) In the event of tied scores, the team losing fewer wickets will be the winner.

c) If both teams have scored the same number of runs and are all out, but the number of overs bowled is unequal, the winner will be the team with the overall faster scoring rate.

d) Where both teams have scored the same number of runs, lost the same number of wickets and bowled the same number of overs, the winner will be the team with the faster scoring rate at the end of the 20 overs and, if still identical, at the end of the 10 overs.

e) If the team batting second has not received ten overs, the match will be abandoned as No Result, provided the batting second is not all out in fewer than ten overs. If the match is abandoned, Rule 4(e) above will apply.

Match Balls

6. The attention of Team Captains is drawn to Competition General Rule 11.

Match Expenses

7. In all rounds, expenses incurred by the home team such as refreshments and cricket balls will be shared by both teams.

Short-Pitched Bowling

8. The square leg umpire shall call and signal NO BALL for any short pitched ball passing or having hit his bat or person, which would have passed the batsman in his normal batting stance above shoulder height.