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1997-98 Season - Schools/Junior Cricket

U13 Inter Centre Hardball Tournament

Keenly fought first round games, played at DBS, showed the teams being placed as follows:

Sandy Bay won the Plate Finals by beating KCC Red. KCC Blues beat HKCC in a close final by four runs to capture the Cup.

Tuanku Ja'afar U13 and Tuanku Ja'afar U19 sqads announced.

HKCA Midweek League starts for U14 and U16 age groups, with interest high from all the teams entered. With more grounds available for next season, HKCA anticipates a far greater number of teams will be able to be catered for and that may even include U19 sides.


U14 Teams

Points table at the end of the first round.

Semi finals played on 9th May 1998

KCC Saracens beat Delia CC
Islanders beat KCC Tartars

Plate Final played on 10th May 1998

Delia CC v KCC Tartars : Match Abandond

Cup Final played on 10th May 1998

Islanders beat KCC Saracens

U16 Midweek League

Semi Finals played on 2nd May 1998

KGV beat DBS

Delia CC beat Islanders

Plate Final played on 16th May 1998

DBS beat Islanders

Cup Final played on 16th May 1998

Delia CC beat KGV

Competition Rules for the Midweek League

1) The competition will be played in a round robin format with teams being divided into two groups with the top two teams from each group playing for the final and the second place team in each group playing fior the plate.

2) HKCA Eight-a-side rules will be used and will be sent to representatives.

3) All teams must nominate one person to represent the team. Also the team representative will be responsible to collect he HK$50 tournament membership fee and sending the money to HKCA (Cheques must be made payable to "Hong kong Cricket Association").

4) The HKCA will provide match balls and scoresheets and one official umpire will be present and will collect the scoresheets and match balls at the end of the match. The batting side is required to provide the square-leg umpire and a scorer during the game. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from thte match.

5) Alimited set of equipment will be available at the match venue, but we recommend all players to use their own cricketing gear and equipment. Also cricketing whites must be worn during the matches.

6) Any misconduct or foul play from any of the players during the match will lead to disqualification from the match. Players will be required to follow the instructions of the umpire, as he will be a representative of HKCA.

Game Rules

1) A total of 14 overs will be bowled per innings, 4 bowlers are allowed to bowl 3 overs each, 4 bowlers will be allowed to bowl one over each, keeper does not need to bowl.

2) Bowling will be from one side only.

3) Batters will retire on 31 and can come back if the rest of the palyers are out.

4) The innings will end when the last ball of the 14th over is bowled or the 7th wicket has fallen.

5) In event of a wide, a minimum of 2 runs will be added to the total and an extra ball shall be bowled.

6) In event of a no ball, 2 runs shall be added to the total, plus runs off the bat or any extra (except a wide) and an extra ball shall be bowled.

7) No more than 3 fielders shall be placed on the leg side.