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1998-99 Season - Sunday Cup / Plate

Captains of teams are reminded that the cost of refreshments is to be divided equally between both teams. Each team is to provide their own Platypus ball when fielding.

Qualifying RoundFirst Round
  • Indian CC v. Vagabonds at MR (18.4.99)
  • KCC Barbarians v. Scorpions at DBS (18.4.99)
  • Optimists v. LSW at HKCC (18.4.99)
  • KCC Hornets v. KCC Wasps at KCC (18.4.99)
  • Pakistan Assoc v. Vagabonds at MR (25.4.99)
Cup Semi-FinalsPlate Semi-Finals
  • Pakistan Assoc v. Optimists at MR (16.5.99)
  • Scorpions v. KCC Hornets at KCC (16.5.99)
  • KCC Barbarians v. KCC Wasps at KCC (25.4.99)
  • Vagabonds v. LSW at DBS (16.5.99)
Cup FinalPlate Final
  • Pakistan Assoc. v. KCC Hornets at MR (23.5.99)
  • KCC Wasps v. Vagabonds at KCC (30.5.99)
Qualifying Round

At MR (18.4.99): Vagabonds 172-8 (B Tarr 33; D Shah 3-48) beat Indian CC 169 (M Burns 4-38) by 3 runs.

First Round

At DBS (18.4.99): Scoprions beat KCC Barbarians on a walk-over.

At KCC (18.4.99): KCC Hornets 262-8 (S Scanlon 106, D Green 48; I Mir 5-36) beat KCC Wasps 249-8 (R Sharma 103, M Eames 69; J Cannell 3-40, J Tailor 3-51) by 13 runs.

At HKCC (18.4.99): Optimists 295-6 (S Brew 139, S Hawinkels 41) beat LSW 267 (Jamshed 57*; M Costain 4-82) by 28 runs.

At MR (25.4.99): Pakistan Association 134 (I Gul 45, N Hamid 42; B Haskett 3-22) beat Vagabonds 103 (B Haskett 30; M Zubair 4-18) by 31 runs.

Cup Semi-Finals

At MR (16.5.99): Pakistan Association 64-2 beat Optimists 61 (K Khan 6-27, M Hussain 3-8) by eight wickets.

At KCC(16.5.99): KCC Hornets 196-3 (D Green 73*, G Jardine 63*) beat Scorpions 192 (T Smart 52, P Winchcomb 39; J Cannell 3-33) by seven wickets.

Plate Semi-Finals

At DBS (16.5.99): Vagabonds 232-6 (M Burns 60*, R Witcombe 80, A Shabhir 30; M Jamshaid 3-33) beat LSW 230 (M Jamshaid 47, A Illahi 41, Faisal 38; V Niaz 4-44, A Price 3-51) by four wickets.

At KCC: (25.4.99) KCC Wasps 118-3 beat KCC Barbarians 112 by seven wickets.

Cup Final

At MR (23.5.99): Pakistan Association 160 (M Hussain 43, I Gul 32; J Cannell 3-33, A Baker 4-39) beat KCC Hornets 78 (M Zubair 3-3-22) by 82 runs.

Plate Final

At KCC (30.5.99): KCC Wasps 216-9 (R Sharma 54*, E Pereira 54; M Burns 3-51) beat Vagabonds 88 (P Glenwright 33; E Pereira 5-19) by 128 runs.

Sunday Cup & Plate Rules 1998-99

Entrants and Eligibility

1. a) All clubs entering teams in the Saturday and Sunday leagues of the HKCA are eligible to enter teams, and entries will be called for by the League & Cup Committee. The League & Cup Committee may also invite other teams to enter the Sunday Cup Competition.

b) Teams must notify the HKCA of the names of their players before the draw is made for the first round. No transfers or additions will be allowed without the prior approval of the Match Committee.


2. The draw for each separate round of matches will be made by a minimum of 3 members of the League & Cup Committee or Match Committee appointed by the Chairman of the League & Cup Committee.


3. a) All matches until the final will be played on the home ground of the first named team, where possible.

Match Conditions

4 a) The Sunday Cup and Plate competitions will be on a straight knockout basis. First round losers in the Cup competition will enter the Plate competition.

b) Each match will consist of one innings of a maximum of 50 overs per side. Matches will commence at 1030hrs. Lunch will be taken between innings, and a 10 minute drinks interval will be available after 25 overs in each innings, at the request of either Captain or the Umpires.

c) No bowler may bowl more than 10 overs. In the event of a bowler becoming incapacitated, Competition General Rule 13 a) will apply.

d) Where possible the Match Committee will reschedule a fixture abandoned as No Result due to inclement weather. Where this is not possible the match will be decided by the toss of a coin.

e) If the start or progress of a match is delayed, the number of overs per innings (50) will be reduced by one over for every full six minutes delay, subject to a minimum of 15 overs being bowled(unless a team is dismissed in a fewer than 15 overs).


5.a) The team scoring the higher number of runs in the allocated number of overs shall be deemed the winner.

b) In the event of tied scores, the team losing fewer wickets will be the winner.

c) If both teams have scored the same number of runs and have lost the same number of wickets, the winner will be the team with the overall faster scoring rate, where the number of overs bowled is unequal.

d) If both teams have scored the same number of runs, lost the same number of wickets and bowled the same number of overs, the winner will be the team with the faster scoring rate at the end of 20 overs and, if still identical, at the end of 10 overs.

e) If the team batting second has not received 15 overs the match will be abandoned as No Result, provided the team batting second was not all out in less than 15 overs. If the match is abandoned, Rule 4 e) above will apply.

Match Balls

6. The attention of Team Captains is drawn to Competition General Rule 11.

Match Expenses

7. In all rounds, expenses incurred by the home team will be shared by both teams.

Short-Pitched Bowling

8. Umpires shall apply Law 42 of the Laws of Cricket in relation to unfair play and the bowling of fast short pitched balls taking into consideration skill of the batsman. Umpires shall strictly enforce the Wide Law, especially on legside deliveries.

Restrictions on the Placement of Fielders

9. a) Two semi circles shall be drawn on the field of play. The semi circles have as their centre the middle stump at either end of the pitch. The radius of each circle is 30 yards (27.5m). The sides of each of the semi circles are joined to the other by a straight line drawn on the field on the same side of the pitch.

b) The field restriction area should be marked by continuous painted white lines or 'dots' at five yard (4.5m) intervals, each 'dot' to be cover by a white plastic or rubber (but not metal) disc measuring seven inches (18cm) in diameter.

c) At the instant of delivery, there may not be more than five fieldsmen on the leg side.

d) For the first 15 overs only two fieldsmen are permitted to be outside the field restriction marking at the instant of delivery. For the remaining overs, Only five fieldsmen are permitted to be outside the field restriction marking at the instant of delivery.

e) Two inner circles shall be drawn on the field of play. The circles have as their centres the centre point of the popping creasing at either end of the pitch, the radius of each of the circles is 15 yards (13.72m). The inner field restriction area should be marked by 'dots'. The segment of the circles reserved for the slip positions shall not be demarcated.

f) In the first 15 overs there must be a minimum of two stationary fieldsmen within the 15 yards field restriction of the striker at the instant of delivery. The two stationary fieldsmen may be permitted to stand deeper than 15 yards (in the un-demarcated area) provided only that they are standing in orthodox slip positions.

g) Where play is delayed ot interrupted affecting the innings of the team batting first and the total number of overs is reduced, the number of overs in regard to restrictions shall be reduced proportionately. Fractions are to be ignored.

h) In the event of an infringement, the square leg umpire shall call and signal no ball.