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2000-01 Season - Top Teams
The 2000-01 season will be remembered for....
  • HKCA Ernest Maude Saturday League Champions - KCC Tartars
  • HKCA Ernest Maude Saturday League Runners-Up - KCC Crusaders
  • Saturday Cup Winners - HKCC Witherers
  • Saturday Cup Runners-Up - KCC Tartars
  • Saturday Plate Winners - Police
  • HKCA Somerley Sunday League Champions - Pakistan Association
  • HKCA Somerley Sunday League Runners-Up - Friends XI
  • Sunday Cup Winners - Vagabonds
  • Sunday Cup Runners-Up - KCC Hornets
  • Under 19 League Champions - Little Sai Wan
  • Under 15 League Champions - Sandy Bay
  • Under 13 League Champions - HKCC Black Rain
  • Under 11 League Champions - Tornadoes
  • HKCA / LCSD Primary Schools' Playground League - Li Cheng Uk Primary School
  • Platypus Cup - Independent Clubs XI
  • 2000 Summer 8's - Jardines & Indus
  • Fincher Shield - HKCC
  • Tony Gough Cup - HKCC
  • Lal Jayasinghe League (Secondary Schools Junior League) - Delia Memorial School
  • Ted Wilson Trophy - Delia Memorial School
  • Tim Davis Trophy - Island Schoolboys
  • Ebrahim Eights Competition - Delia Memorial School
2000-01 Season - HKCA Annual Awards
The following awards were presented at the HKCA Annual Awards Dinner, held at Kowloon Cricket Club on 12 May 2001:
  • Hong Kong Cricketer of the Year - Damian Green (KCC Infidels & Crusaders) & Adam Smith (HKCC Scorpions & Gap Ramblers)
  • Hong Kong Junior Cricketer of the Year - Dyutish Chaudhuri (KCC Colts & Islanders)
  • Schoolboy Cricketer of the Year - Keiran Kumaria (KCC Colts & Islanders & KGV School)
  • Young Dragon of the Year - Shakawat Ali (LSWCC)
  • Best Sunday Batsman - Stewart Brew (Optimists)
  • Best Sunday Bowler - Aamer Najeeb (Pakistan Association)
  • Best Sunday Wicket-keeper - Nasir Hameed (Pakistan Association)
  • Sunday Captain of the Year - Mark Burns (Vagabonds)
  • Best Saturday Batsman - Rahul Sharma (Saracens)
  • Best Saturday Bowler - Ahmed Mukhtar (CCC)
  • Best Saturday Wicket-keeper - Mark Eames (CCC)
  • Saturday Captain of the Year - Doug Jones (CCC)
  • Jungu Vachha Umpire of the Year - Bob Fotheringham
2000-01 Season - Chairman's Report

League & Cup

It was decided that both Saturday and Sunday League and Cup programs should be concluded by the end of March to make the length of the season predictable. With good management of fixtures and ground bookings and the cooperation of teams this was achieved, with the policy finding general support among players and clubs.

This season we welcomed Ernest Maude Continental Investments and Somerley Ltd as title sponsors of the Saturday and Sunday Leagues respectively; the first League sponsors for some years. We would hope to retain their support in coming seasons.

The season opening, inaugural Platypus Cup match, featuring the best players from the independent sides vs the best of the Clubs, delivered an entertaining match eventually won by the Independents and proved a popular concept. It is expected the fixture will become a regular feature in the HK cricket calendar.

The HKCA's website has been developed over the years by Travis Pittman. Now featuring individual player statistics as well as results, fixtures and general news about HK cricket our site has become a fantastic resource, as good as any cricket website in the world. We should record our thanks to Travis for his efforts.


Hong Kong has had a rewarding season internationally, commencing initially with the successful resolution of the HK Permanent ID card at last year's ICC conference, with holders of the card now eligible under the ICC 'citizen' category for international tournaments. This decision followed several years of lobbying by HKCA officials of the ICC and national cricket Boards.

Extensive preparations were made by HKCA for the squad competing for the ACC Trophy in Sharjah. Not least of these preparations was the hiring of Adam Hollioake as National Team coach. The players responded well on the pitch, captained by Stewart Brew, by reaching the final of the tournament thereby qualifying for the Asia Cup against the Asian Test countries, an unprecedented achievement. Hong Kong's Rahul Sharma was deservedly declared Player of the Tournament. Preparations are now in full swing for the forthcoming ICC Trophy in Canada.

In Tuanku Ja'afar tournaments Hong Kong has had reasonable success, winning the senior category in Thailand, and reaching the final in all of the junior age levels.

The funding support of the Hong Kong Sports Development Board for Hong Kong's international commitments is particularly significant.


HKCA has received confirmed funding, and has signed a lease on a large piece of ground in the Po Kong Village Road area of Kowloon. It is planned that this ground will be ready for League cricket fixtures in the coming season and will therefore become the first new cricket ground to be played on since HKCC moved from Chater Road to the Gap in 1974.

The availability of grounds suitable for cricket is, however, now the most limiting factor currently affecting the growth of Hong Kong domestic cricket; an area to which HKCA must devote considerable attention. HKCA is therefore currently working on plans to develop indoor cricket in Hong Kong, and at possibilities created by innovations in the use of portable wickets on multi-purpose sports fields.


Our Development Program, under Gavin Erasmus, has made great strides this season, building on the growth of the last few years. Recently we were delighted to confirm that 'Wellcome' would come on board to what will now be titled the 'Wellcome Cricket Development Program' in a three year agreement worth HK$740,000 to the Association.

Exceptional growth has occurred in the HKCA's primary school development program, the Playground League, which has doubled the number of competing teams to 32 in only its second year of operation. With equipment donations, training and demonstrations by HKCA coaches at the schools, and organised competition this program is now a cornerstone of our Development Program.

The Elementary centre program with instruction in Cantonese is growing steadily with the 8 week courses now being held several times per year at 5 outdoor and 6 indoor locations around Hong Kong. For support with this program HKCA is particularly grateful to the Leisure & Cultural Services Department.

The two main new junior development projects introduced this season have been an Under 11 Junior League to add to the existing Under 13, 15 and 19 Junior Leagues; and a website dedicated to junior cricket '' which is wholly maintained by HKCA and features junior competitions, photos, fixtures and team news and bilingual cricket features.

The development statistics for 2000 show that the varifiable participation in HKCA development projects rose significantly from over 6,000 in 1999 to just over 10,000 in 2000, excellent progress.

Of course, the more cricket projects there are the more trained coaches are required. Progress was also made during the season in the increasingly important area of coach development with 20 Cantonese speaking coaches being trained to HKCA Level 2 standard (NZ Level 1) with assistance from Auckland C.A. through the ICC Development Program.


Financing the work and projects of the HKCA is an ongoing and carefully monitored task. The Hon. Treasurer will report more fully on this area to the meeting.


Substantial efforts are being made by HKCA to bring together all the various components needed to stage an international event in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong cricket will be losing two individuals who have made particularly valuable contributions to the game here when they retire and depart Hong Kong this summer, namely David Clinton and John Freeman. I'd like to acknowledge HKCA's gratitude for their outstanding services to Hong Kong cricket.

I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Hong Kong Cricket Club on their 150th Anniversary which was celebrated recently with a superb cricket festival featuring both MCC sides competing against each other for the first time outside of their respective countries.

HKCA should also record its thanks to its administrative and coaching staff who work hard to meet the increasing demands placed upon them.


2000-01 has been a successful season for HKCA both on and off the field. There are still major challenges to be overcome, especially in the areas of finance and facilities. But there is no doubt that HKCA is progressing steadily upwards, with ambitions and expectation levels rising accordingly. With increasing support from the ICC, SDB, LCSD, the support of the HKCA membership and Clubs, and appropriate management, this growth will continue.

Mike Walsh
12th May 2001