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2000-01 Season - Sunday Cup


Sunday League games scheduled for this date and other outstanding Sunday League fixtures will now be played during the course of the competition, if posssible, or after the completition of the competition. Sunday Captains and Representatives must ensure that their Sunday Cup squads are with the HKCA office by Wednesday 14th February at the latest. Draw for the next round of the Sunday Knockout competitions will take place at the KCC on 5th March.

Would Sunday Captains and Representatives please note that Sunday Cup squads must be with the HKCA office by 17:00hrs on Wednesday 14th February. As a result of comments made following the Sunday Cup draw, the three KCC squads, once submitted, will drawn out of a hat to determine which squads will be A, B and C.

Would all representatives and captains note that transfers between squads will only be permitted with the approval of the MDC. This will also apply to the Junior Cricket Pool players, who for the purposes of the League competition, are able to represent more than one side without prior approval. This will not be case for the Cup and Plate competitions.

* All teams are reminded that for the Cup, match costs are to be split equally.

* Captains, note that the wearing of spikes by players in games played on artificial wickets is not permitted. Recently some damage has been caused to the new Mission Road track by a player wearing spikes.

* Please note that if a result cannot be reached on the day, then the game will be settled by the toss of a coin.


First Round - 4.3.2001

  • Pakistan Association v KCC Wasps (KCC)
  • Optimists v Vagabonds (HKCC)
  • Scorpions v KCC Hornets (MR)
  • LSW v KCC Colts (DBS)

Semi-Finals - 11.3.2001

  • KCC Hornets v LSW (KCC)
  • KCC Wasps v Vagabonds (MR)

Final - 18.3.2001

  • KCC Hornets v Vagabonds (HKCC)

First Round

At HKCC (played 4.3.2001): Vagabonds 263-3 (B Hussain 145, T Graban 87*) beat Optimists 259 (P Roxburgh 31, A Booth 49, R Nuttall 38, P Watkins 46; V Niaz 3-38, M Burns 3-42) by 7 wkts

At Mission Road (played 4.3.2001): KCC Hornets 283-9 (R Sujanani 33, M Marzook 64; K Hawthorn 3-81) beat Scorpions 270 (D mallinson 102, T Smart 62, A Smith 37; J Iqbal 6-66) by 13 runs

At DBS (played 4.3.2001): LSW 392 (T Dar 101, G Ali 55, M Ahmed 58, A Ahmed 39, M Jamshaid 39; K Kumaria 4-73) beat KCC Colts 170 (S Ali 50*; A Mehmood 4-57) by 222 runs

At KCC (played 4.3.2001): KCC Wasps 294-9 (A Nainani 52, D Chaudhuri 81, G Jardine 77; M Hussain 4-54) beat Pakistan Association 167 (S Malik 41, I Gul 36, F Saeed 46; T Patidar 5-55, I Ahmed 3-35) by 127 runs

Cup Semi-Finals

At KCC (played 18.3.2001): KCC Hornets 298-3 (T Heild 87, R Sharma 111, TR Kalyanaraman 39*, M Marzook 30*) beat LSW 294-8 (I Azhar 66, Goher 69, A Afzal 40, Amjad 48; D Green 3-51) by 7 wkts

At Mission Road (played 18.3.2001): Vagabonds 281-1 (B Hussain 182, T Graban 69*) beat KCC Wasps 280-5 (N Waters 101*, A Nainani 41, G Jardine 86) by 9 wkts

Cup Final

At HKCC (played 18.3.2001): Vagabonds 263-8 (B Tarr 43, M Burns 38, M Shabbir 47*; M Marzook 3-47, J Iqbal 3-58) beat KCC Hornets 262 (D Green 37, T Hield 30, R Brewster 31, TR Kalyanaraman 33, V Karnani 37, S Lama 33*; A Price 3-51) by 2 wkts