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2001 Summer Eights


SubCont CC are the 2001 Summer Eights champions after defeating Lamma CC by 11 runs in the rain-delayed final. [Results]

Lamma CC and SubCont CC to contest the Summer Eights final. [Results]

Weather interrupts final round of matches. Play-off teams confirmed. [Points Table]

Semi-finals and final matches to be rescheduled. [Fixtures]

Download the Summer Eights Scoresheet here.

Participating Teams
TeamRepresentativePhoneFax NoE-Mail
HKCC CasualsGrenville
Sportsmen CCSunil
Lamma CCIan
SubCont CCAnimesh
Fleet CCAga
Summer Eights Fixtures
All Games at Mission Road unless otherwise stated
Sat 28.4.200113:30-15:30HKCC CasualsvSportsmen CCSportsmen CC won
16:00-18:00OraclevJardinesOracle won by 49 runs
Sun 29.4.200113:30-15:30X-CricketersvLamma CCLamma CC won
16:00-18:00SubCont CCvFleet CCSubCont CC won by walkover
Sat 5.5.200113:30-15:30SubCont CCvJardinesSubCont CC won by 15 runsat KGV
16:00-18:00Fleet C.C.vOracleFleet CC won by 161 runsat KGV
Sat 12.5.200113:30-15:30HKCC CasualsvLamma CCLamma CC won
16:00-18:00SportsmenvX-CricketersSportsmen CC won
Sun 13.5.200110:00-12:00SportsmenvSubCont CCSubCont CC won by 14 runs
13:30-15:30SubCont CCvOracleOracle won by 13 runs
16:00-18:00X-CricketersvOracleOracle won by 56 runs
Sat 19.5.200113:30-15:30SportsmenvJardinesJardines won by 11 runs
16:00-18:00Lamma CCvJardinesLamma CC won
Sun 20.5.200110:00-12:00Lamma CCvSubCont CCLamma CC won
13:30-15:30HKCC CasualsvFleet CCHKCC Casuals won by 48 runs
16:00-18:00HKCC CasualsvX-CricketersHKCC Casuals won by walkover
Sat 26.5.200113:30-15:30Lamma CCvOracleLamma CC won
16:00-18:00Sportsmen C.C.vFleet CCSportsmen CC won
Sun 27.5.200110:00-12:00X-CricketersvSubCont CCSubCont CC won
13:30-15:30HKCC CasualsvJardinesHKCC Casuals won
16:00-18:00Sportsmen CCvLamma CCSportsmen CC won
Sat 2.6.200113:30-15:30Fleet CCvJardinesFleet CC won by 25 runs
16:00-18:00X-CricketersvJardinesJardines won by 62 runs
Sun 3.6.200110:00-12:00X-CricketersvFleet CCX-Cricketers won
13:30-15:30Sportsmen CCvOracleSportsmen CC won
16:00-18:00HKCC CasualsvOracleOracle won by 86 runs
Sat 9.6.200113:30-15:30Lamma CCvFleet CCAbandoned
16:00-18:00HKCC CasualsvSubCont CCAbandoned
Sat 16.6.200113:30-15:301st (Lamma)v4th (Oracle)Lamma won
16:00-18:002nd (Sportsmen)v3rd (SubCont)SubCont CC won by 1 run
Sat 21.7.200114:30-16:30FinalSubCont CC won by 11 runs
Points Table

Points Table as at 11th June 2001 (Final)

Lamma CC7501116.5
Sportsmen CC7502015
SubCont CC7402113.5
HKCC Casuals7303110.5
Fleet CC720417.5
Summer 8s League Rules

Squads and Eligibility:

1. a) Before the commencement of its first match, each team must provide the HKCA with a list of players.
b) Players featured in the Top 20 batsmen or bowlers of the 2000-2001 Saturday leagues and any player who has played 3 or more games in the 2000-2001 Sunday league, would NOT be permitted to play in the Summer 8's. To view the top 20 list see the statistics page on the HKCA web-site.
c) Players may not play for more than one team in the same competition.

Duration of Matches:

2. a) Each match shall take no more than 2 hours. The first innings of each match should last no longer than 55 minutes. If the required number of overs have not been bowled at 55 minutes, the number of overs to be bowled in the second innings shall be the number of overs completed at 55 minutes in the first innings.
b) In the event of a match starting late it must nevertheless finish at the scheduled finish time. The number of overs to be played should be reduced by the agreement of opposing captains before the start of the match to facilitate the match finishing on time.

3. Any team that has assembled less than six players by ten minutes after the scheduled start time for the match will, at the opposing captain's discretion, forfeit the match.

4. Any team that has assembled six or more players will be entitled to contest the match, however batsmen are only allowed to bat in pairs. Hence if a team has assembled 7 players, only 6 will be entitled to bat.

5. The incoming pair of batsmen shall be on the ground before the outgoing pair have left the ground.


6. Each team shall start their innings with 100 runs. With each wicket lost, 5 runs shall be deducted from the total.

Batting Restrictions:

7. Batsmen are permitted to bat for a maximum of 4 overs per pair regardless of wickets lost.

8. Each innings shall be a maximum of 14 overs per team subject to clause 2 above.

Bowling Restrictions:

9. Bowlers are permitted to bowl a maximum of 4 overs per bowler.

10. All overs shall be bowled from one end.

11. Bowler's run ups shall be limited to 8 metres.

Fielding Restrictions:

12. No more than 3 fielders may be placed on the leg side.

13. 8 players may be on the field at any one time, with substitutes allowed only in the case of injury or other external circumstances.


14. In the event of a wide, 2 runs shall be added to the total plus byes scored and an extra ball shall be bowled.

15. Opposing captains are requested to agree before the commencement of each match regarding a consistent interpretation of what constitutes a wide.

No Balls:

16. In the event of a no ball, 2 runs shall be added to the total plus any runs scored and an extra ball shall be bowled.

17. Deliveries bouncing over shoulder height of the batsman in his batting stance at the line of the crease , and full tosses above waist height in his batting stance at the line of the crease, shall be called no ball by the square leg umpire (or, in the event of no square leg umpire, by the umpire at the bowler's end).

Scoresheets and Competition Points:

18. Winning captains must fax scoresheets to HKCA (Ron Brierly) on fax number 25778486 by 12:00 noon on the Monday following each match.

19. Competition Points shall be allocated as follows:

win 3 points
tie 2 points
no result 1.5 points
loss 0 points Team


20. All team members should wear the team uniform on the field whether that be whites or team colours. Shorts are permitted.

Abandoned Matches:

21. a) In the event of play being stopped due to adverse conditions a 'match' is constituted by the completion of not less then 6 overs of the second innings. In this event match results will be determined by run rate. Matches abandoned prior to this point will be 'no result'.
b) Matches may be abandoned due only to bad weather or unsuitable pitch conditions, not less than two hours prior to the schedule match start time and with the agreement of both captains, or at the ground.
c) Abandoned matches will not normally be rescheduled.

Winning Teams:

22. The top 4 teams at the end of the league will play off on the final Sunday with first playing fourth, second playing third and the winners meeting in the final. In the event of a tied position, the team which has won the most games shall finish highest. In the event that the teams have won an equal amount of games then the result of the game between the teams will decide who finishes higher. In the event that the game between the two was washed out then a toss of a coin shall decide.


23. Only yellow cricket balls are to be used in each match.

Disputes & Disciplinary Matters:

24. All disputes and disciplinary matters will be referred to the HKCA Match & Disciplinary Committee (MDC) whose decision will be final.