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2003-04 Season - Top Teams
The 2003-04 season will be remembered for...
  • Saturday League Champions - Nomads
  • Saturday League Runners-up - St George's
  • Saturday Cup Winners - LSW Warriors (DBS)
  • Saturday Cup Runners-Up - Crusaders
  • Saturday Plate Winners - Saracens
  • Saturday Plate Runners-Up - Police
  • Sunday League Champions - Templars
  • Sunday League Runners-Up - Pakistan Association
  • Sunday Cup Winners - KCC Hornets
  • Sunday Cup Runners-Up - Pakistan Association
  • Under 19 League Champions - Little Sai Wan CC & HK Acadmey of Cricket
  • Under 17 League Champions - HK Academy of Cricket
  • Under 15 League Champions - Little Sai Wan CC
  • Under 13 League Champions - Little Sai Wan CC
  • Under 11 League Champions - HK Academy of Cricket
  • 2003 Summer 8's - Fleet CC
  • Hancock Shield (HKCC v. KCC) - HKCC
  • Ted Wilson Trophy - West Island School
2003-04 Season - HKCA Annual Awards
The following awards were presented at the HKCA Annual Awards Dinner, held at Hong Kong Cricket Club:
  • Hong Kong Cricketer of the Year - Najeeb Amar
  • Hong Kong Young Cricketer of the Year - Nadeem Ahmed
  • Schoolboy Cricketer of the Year - Colin Bridges
  • Young Dragon of the Year - Nick Lau
  • Wellcome Most Improved Junior Cricketer - Mr Chow Ka Chung and Ms Betty Chan
  • Best Sunday Batsman - Rahul Sharma
  • Best Sunday Bowler - Afzaal Haider
  • Best Sunday Wicket-keeper - Nasir Hameed
  • Sunday Captain of the Year - Graeme Jardine
  • Best Saturday Batsman - Mark Eames
  • Best Saturday Bowler - Sher Lama
  • Best Saturday Wicket-keeper - Neil Runcieman
  • Saturday Captain of the Year - Mal Costain
  • Jungu Vachha Umpire of the Year - Alan Swift
  • Oustanding Performance (Women's Tour to Shanghai) - Natasha Miles (Best Player)
  • Oustanding Performance (Women's Tour to Shanghai) - Sarah Eames (Best Bowler)
2003-04 Season - President's Report


Cricket has continued to thrive as a sport in Hong Kong during last year in all its many areas. Our governance, finances, development, and links with international bodies have continued to steadily strengthen.

Of particular note was the success of the Hong Kong senior team in the 2003 Tuanku Ja'afar Cup in Malaysia beating as they did the host in the final. In addition the securing of an extended lease on the Po Kong Village Road ground represented a significant success for us.

The long term underlying challenge that the Association faces is to develop a successful system for retaining and integrating the increasing number of youngsters who are playing the game at school and in our junior teams, into senior cricket. We will succeed in this by building on the considerable achievements of our development programme. We also recognize that this will involve the identification and development of new grounds, the better use of existing facilities which are available to us and the development of alternative strategies such as indoor cricket.

President's Report 2003 - 2004


Our results over the last year were very promising and give cause for cautious optimism for the coming years. Our national teams' major highlights included..

The Under 13s reached third place in the Tuanku Ja'afar Cup.

The Under 15s were 1st runners up in the Tuanku Ja'afar Cup.

The Under 17s were ranked second their group in the Asia Cup.

The Under 19s achieved 4th place in the Tuanku Ja'afar Cup.

The Hong Kong Senior Team successfully defended the title for a second consecutive year by beating the host, Malaysia, in a dramatic final.

The Hong Kong Cricket Sixes

The Hong Kong Cricket Sixes was successfully staged at the Kowloon Cricket Club in November with teams from England, South Africa, India, Kenya, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong. The continuing support from Cathay Pacific Airways and Standard Chartered Bank ensures the event is now a permanent fixture on the Hong Kong cricket calendar.

This year's Sixes were regarded as one of the best ever cricket events staged in Hong Kong. We would like to extend our special thanks and appreciation to Mr. Clive Howard, Tournament Director, the Organising Committee, KCC and HKCC.


2003– 2004 proved to be yet another successful season, with 17 teams participating in the Saturday League.

The Saturday League was won by the HKCC "Nomads", the runner's up were the "St. George's" team.

The LSW "Warriors" won the Saturday Cup with the KCC "Crusaders" as runner's up

The Sunday Leagueconsisted of 7 teams.

The League Champions were the KCC "Templars", the runners up –were the Pakistan Assn team.

The Cup champions were the KCC "Hornets", With the Pakistan Assn team as runners up.

A Super League comprising the HKCC, KCC and Independents was introduced after the conclusion of the Cups. The purpose was to enable an even higher standard of cricket to be played in Hong Kong and to serve as a preparation for the ACC Trophy in June and the Asia Cup in July.

Junior cricket

The Association successfully introduced an Under 17 Junior League last year in order to bring Hong Kong in line with international development trends. 25 junior teams participated in five divisions of the Junior League in the 2002 – 2003 season, with 5 of them consisting exclusively of Chinese players.

The Playground League enjoyed its fifth year. A Plate Competition was introduced this year to allow more cricket to be played among primary schools. This proved to be a big success with 56 teams and over 1200 students taking part in the tournament. It was particularly pleasing to see local student standards rising and it should be recognized that some players in the Hong Kong Junior National Teams came from the Playground League.

The Junior Player Pool proved to be successful and will continue during the next season.

The Association continued to join hands with the 5 community sports clubs, one more than last year, to promote cricket in Hong Kong. The Association is also actively assisting a sixth community sports club, for local children, to establish itself over the coming season.

Women's cricket

Over the last year the HKCA has devoted more time to developing women's cricket. With the support of the HKCC and the KCC we fielded a first class team on the recent tour to Shanghai with some pleasing results. The HKCA will continue encourage more women to participate at all levels of the game. We strongly believe that this is key area of development.

Grounds and facilities


The development of a second pitch was completed last summer. We would like to offer our sincere gratitude to Mr. Jim Middleton and the HKCC for their assistance and sponsorship which was instrumental in making the second pitch a success.

Now all junior matches are played at PKVR. It is also used by the Hong Kong School Cricket Assn to stage school cricket matches.

The Association has secured an extended lease of the Po Kong Village Road ground beyond 2004, when the original lease expires.

The Association is talking to the ACC to fund a turf wicket and a practice net which would be installed at PKVR.

Discussions with the Leisure & Cultural Services Department have begun on transferring Tin Kwong Road Ground (Mission Road) to the Association. Since complicated legal issues are involved, it is expected that the actual transfer will not take place until 2005 at the earliest. This, again, will be a major achievement on ground development and will enable the HKCA to enjoy its own ground.

To conclude on the subject of grounds and facilities, I would like to extend the Associations thanks to HKCC and KCC for their continued, and much valued support to Hong Kong cricket.

Coaching centres and school visits

The LCSD Elementary Training Centres, Gappers at HKCC, Sandy Bay and the KCC training centre continue to attract more than 1500 participants annually.

Demonstrations to schools gone up from 156 in 2002 - 2003 to 373 in 2003-2004, an increase of 239%, illustrating the Association's commitment and effort to promote cricket in the local community.


Terry Smith

Thank You to Sponsors & Supporters

The HKCA would like to thank all the sponsors and supporters for their contributions to Hong Kong Cricket in 2003-04:

  • International Cricket Council
  • Asian Cricket Council
  • Hong Kong Cricket Club
  • Kowloon Cricket Club
  • Craigengower Cricket Club
  • Hong Kong Sports Development Board
  • Leisure and Cultural Services Department
  • Umpires and Scorers of HKACUS
  • CricInfo
  • and all who volunteered their time and services to help Hong Kong cricket this season.