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2008-09 Season - HKCA Saturday League Fixtures - Centaurs
DayDateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResultPoints
Saturday6-Sep-08Kai Tak CCvsCentaursMRLost by 8 wkts3
Monday15-Sep-08Millennium CCvsCentaursMRWon by 9 runs12
Saturday20-Sep-08CentaursvsHKCC WitherersHKCCWon by 8 runs12
Saturday27-Sep-08Laguna GullyvsCentaursMRWon by 8 wkts12
Saturday11-Oct-08HKCC NomadsvsCentaursHKCCLost by 1 wkt5
Saturday25-Oct-08CentaursvsHong Kong UniversityHKULost by 167 runs4
Saturday31-Jan-09CentaursvsPolice CCPTCLost by 34 runs4
Saturday14-Feb-09LSW St George'svsCentaursMRLost by 31 runs4
Saturday7-Mar-09CentaursvsKCC CrusadersKCCLost by 6 wkts4
Saturday14-Mar-09CentaursvsMainlandersMRLost by 3 runs4
Total Points64
2008-09 Season - HKCA Saturday League Fixtures - Craigengower CC
DayDateHome TeamvsAway TeamFieldResultPoints
Saturday13-Sep-08Craigengower CCvsMainlandersMRWon by 57 runs12
Saturday27-Sep-08Craigengower CCvsHong Kong UniversityHKULost by 8 wkts0
Tuesday7-Oct-08Craigengower CCvsKCC SaracensKCCLost by 12 runs4
Saturday11-Oct-08Craigengower CCvsLSW WarriorsMRLost by 4 wkts3
Saturday18-Oct-08KCC TartarsvsCraigengower CCKCCLost by 14 runs5
Saturday22-Nov-08Craigengower CCvsLaguna GullyMRWon by 7 wkts12
Saturday29-Nov-08HKCC Gap RamblersvsCraigengower CCHKCCLost by 99 runs4
Saturday20-Dec-08SCC VampiresvsCraigengower CCMRLost by 1 run5
Saturday21-Feb-09Lamma CCvsCraigengower CCHKULost by 5 wkts4
Saturday14-Mar-09Police CCvsCraigengower CCPTCLost by 117 runs2
Total Points51

2008-09 Season - HKCA Saturday League Fixtures - KCC Crusaders
DayDateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResultPoints
Saturday4-Oct-08LSW St George'svsKCC CrusadersMRWon by superior run-rate12
Saturday11-Oct-08KCC TartarsvsKCC CrusadersKCCLost by 21 runs5
Saturday25-Oct-08KCC CrusadersvsKCC SaracensKCCLost by 42 runs5
Saturday20-Dec-08HKCC WitherersvsKCC CrusadersHKCCLost by 1 wkt5
Saturday31-Jan-09KCC CrusadersvsMillennium CCKCCWon by 23 runs12
Saturday21-Feb-09KCC CrusadersvsPolice CCKCCWon by 98 runs12
Saturday28-Feb-09KCC CrusadersvsHKCC NomadsKCCLost by 84 runs4
Saturday7-Mar-09CentaursvsKCC CrusadersKCCWon by 6 wkts12
Saturday14-Mar-09KCC CrusadersvsKai Tak CCKCCLost by 85 runs6
Saturday21-Mar-09MainlandersvsKCC CrusadersKCCLost by 219 runs2
Total Points75
2008-09 Season - HKCA Saturday League Fixtures - HKCC Gap Ramblers
DayDateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResultPoints
Saturday20-Sep-08Laguna GullyvsHKCC Gap RamblersMRWon by 140 runs12
Saturday18-Oct-08Lamma CCvsHKCCGap RamblersHKCCWon by 19 runs12
Saturday25-Oct-08HKCC Gap RamblersvsHKCC NomadsHKCCWon by 4 wkts12
Saturday22-Nov-08KCC SaracensvsHKCC Gap RamblersKCCLost by 61 runs3
Saturday29-Nov-08HKCC Gap RamblersvsCraigengower CCHKCCWon by 99 runs12
Saturday20-Dec-08Hong Kong UniversityvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKULost by 28 runs4
Saturday24-Jan-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsLSW WarriorsHKCCWon by 162 runs12
Saturday7-Feb-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsKCC TartarsHKCCWon by 208 runs12
Saturday21-Feb-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsHKCC WitherersHKCCWon by 42 runs12
Saturday14-Mar-09SCC VampiresvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKCCWon by 35 runs12
Total Points103
Saturday21-Mar-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsHKCC NomadsHKCCLost by 1 wkt-
Saturday4-Apr-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsLSW WarriorsHKCCLost by 8 wkts-
2008-09 Season - HKCA Saturday League Fixtures - Hong Kong University
DayDateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResultPoints
Saturday6-Sep-08LSW St George'svsHong Kong UniversityHKUWon by 3 wkts12
Saturday13-Sep-08Hong Kong UniversityvsLamma CCHKUWon by 42 runs12
Saturday27-Sep-08Craigengower CCvsHong Kong UniversityHKUWon by 8 wkts12
Saturday4-Oct-08Hong Kong UniversityvsKCC TartarsHKULost by superior run-rate3
Saturday11-Oct-08SCC VampiresvsHong Kong UniversityHKUWon by 198 runs12
Saturday18-Oct-08Hong Kong UniversityvsKCC SaracensHKUWon by 68 runs12
Saturday25-Oct-08CentaursvsHong Kong UniversityHKUWon by 167 runs12
Saturday1-Nov-08LSW WarriorsvsHong Kong UniversityHKUWon by 9 wkts12
Saturday20-Dec-08Hong Kong UniversityvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKUWon by 28 runs12
Saturday7-Feb-09Hong Kong UniversityvsLaguna GullyHKUWon by 190 runs12
Total Points111
Saturday4-Apr-09Hong Kong UniversityvsPolice CCHKUWon by 8 wkts-
Saturday18-Apr-09Hong Kong UniversityvsLSW WarriorsHKUMatch abandoned. On account of their higher league placing HKU qualify for the final.-
Saturday2-May-09Hong Kong UniversityvsHKCC NomadsHKCCWon by 8 wkts-

2008-09 Season - HKCA Saturday League Fixtures - Kai Tak CC
DayDateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResultPoints
Saturday6-Sep-08Kai Tak CCvsCentaursMRWon by 8 wkts12
Saturday13-Sep-08KCC TartarsvsKai Tak CCKCCLost by 12 runs4
Tuesday7-Oct-08Kai Tak CCvsLaguna GullyMRWon by 80 runs12
Saturday18-Oct-08Kai Tak CCvsLSW St George'sMRLost by 5 wkts1
Saturday22-Nov-08Kai Tak CCvsHKCC NomadsHKCCLost by 7 wkts4
Saturday29-Nov-08MainlandersvsKai Tak CCMRWon by 5 wkts12
Saturday6-Dec-08Police CCvsKai Tak CCPTCLost by 64 runs5
Saturday31-Jan-09Kai Tak CCvsHKCC WitherersHKCCWon by 74 runs12
Saturday7-Feb-09Millennium CCvsKai Tak CCMRWon by 5 wkts12
Saturday14-Mar-09KCC CrusadersvsKai Tak CCKCCWon by 85 runs12
Total Points86
2008-09 Season - HKCA Saturday League Fixtures - Laguna Gully CC
DayDateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResultPoints
Saturday20-Sep-08Laguna GullyvsHKCC Gap RamblersMRLost by 140 runs3
Saturday27-Sep-08Laguna GullyvsCentaursMRLost by 8 wkts0
Tuesday7-Oct-08Kai Tak CCvsLaguna GullyMRLost by 80 runs2
Saturday1-Nov-08Lamma CCvsLaguna GullyMRLost by 3 runs5
Saturday22-Nov-08Craigengower CCvsLaguna GullyMRLost by 7 wkts4
Saturday13-Dec-08Laguna GullyvsKCC SaracensKCCLost by 55 runs3
Saturday10-Jan-09Laguna GullyvsSCC VampiresMRLost by 15 runs5
Saturday17-Jan-09Laguna GullyvsKCC TartarsMRLost by 89 runs2
Saturday31-Jan-09LSW WarriorsvsLaguna GullyMRWon by 7 wkts12
Saturday7-Feb-09Hong Kong UniversityvsLaguna GullyHKULost by 190 runs2
Total Points38

2008-09 Season - HKCA Saturday League Fixtures - Lamma CC
DayDateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResultPoints
Saturday13-Sep-08Hong Kong UniversityvsLamma CCHKULost by 42 runs4
Saturday18-Oct-08Lamma CCvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKCCLost by 19 runs5
Saturday1-Nov-08Lamma CCvsLaguna GullyMRWon by 3 runs12
Saturday15-Nov-08KCC TartarsvsLamma CCKCCWon by 6 wkts12
Saturday22-Nov-08Police CCvsLamma CCPTCWon by 10 runs12
Saturday13-Dec-08Lamma CCvsSCC VampiresMRWon by 126 runs12
Saturday14-Feb-09KCC SaracensvsLamma CCKCCLost by 2 wkts5
Saturday21-Feb-09Lamma CCvsCraigengower CCHKUWon by 5 wkts12
Saturday28-Feb-09Lamma CCvsLSW WarriorsMRLost by 33 runs4
Saturday7-Mar-09Millennium CCvsLamma CCMRWon by 2 runs12
Total Points90
Saturday28-Mar-09Lamma CCvsLSW WarriorsMRLost by 9 wkts-