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2008-09 Season - HKCA Challenge - Fixtures & Results

Group A: Nandas Indus, Aryans, LSW X-Cricketers, HKUST, Midlevels, Taipan CC, Bangladesh CC
Group B: Imran Cricket Academy, Laguna CC, Madras CC, SLSCC, USRC, LSW Gladiators, LSW Sargan

Ground1st SessionBreak2nd Session
Sandy Bay (AM)8:30 am - 10:30 am10:30 am - 10:40 am10:40 am - 12:40 pm
Sandy Bay (PM)1:30 pm - 3:30 pm 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
AMs (AM)9:00 am - 11:00 am11:00 am - 11:10 am11:10 am - 1:10 pm
PMs (PM)1:30 pm - 3:30 pm 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
HKUST12:15 pm - 2:15 pm 2:15 pm - 2:30 pm 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
2008-09 HKCA Challenge League - Fixtures & Results
DateGroupTeam vs. TeamVenueResultMOM
August 31st1AHKUSTBangladesh CCHKUSTHKUSTNadeem
1BLSW SarganImran CASandy Bay (PM)Imran Cricket AcademyShafiq
Sept 7th 20082ANandas IndusMid LevelsPTS (AM)Mid LevelsRaj
2BLSW GladiatorsLSW SarganSandy Bay (AM)LSW GladiatorsPervez Akter
Sept 21st 20083AHKUSTMid LevelsHKUSTTiedSanura
Sept 28th 20083BUSRCLaguna CCPTS (AM)Laguna CCIsh Bakshi
Oct 5th 20084ANandas IndusTaipan CCPTS (AM)Wash OutN/A
Oct 12th 20085ALSW X-CricketersBangladesh CCPTS (AM)LSW X-CricketersIfthikar Khan
5BLSW SarganLaguna CCPTS (PM)Laguna CCBakshi
Oct 19th 20086ALSW X-CricketersHKUSTHKUSTHKUSTFaisal
Nov 9th 20087ATaipan CCMid LevelsMission Road (AM)Taipan CCMohammad Ali
6BLaguna CCMadras CCMission Road (PM)Madras CCMohudoom (Junior)
Nov 23rd 20088AAryansLSW X-CricketersPTS (AM)AryansShaan
Dec 14th 20089AHKUSTTaipan CCHKUSTHKUSTNadeem
Dec 21st 20087BUSRCImran CAPTS (PM)Imran Cricket AcademyW/O
8BLSW GladiatorsImran CAPTS (PM)LSW GladiatorsM Shabbir
Dec 25th 200810ABangladesh CCTaipan CCSandy Bay (AM)Taipan CCZaashan
Dec 26th 200811ALSW X-CricketersMid LevelsSandy Bay (AM)TiedZaheer (X-Cricketes)
Jan 1st 200912ATaipan CCLSW X-CricketersSandy Bay (PM)Taipan CCRanjeet
Jan 18th 200913AHKUSTNandas IndusHKUSTHKUSTRanjit
Feb 1st 20099BUSRCLSW SarganPTS (PM)LSW SarjanJiwani Haresh
Feb 8th 200910BLSW SarganSLSCCPTS (PM)LSW SarjanChetan
Feb 15th 200911BLSW GladiatorsMadras CCPTS (PM)LSW GladiatorsParvez
Feb 22nd 200915ANandas IndusLSW X-CricketersPTS (PM)Nandas IndusBhawuk Palta
March 8th 200912BLaguna CCImran CAPTS (PM)Imran Cricket AcademyMohammed Hafeez
March 22nd 200913BUSRCMadras CCMR (AM)Madras CCIsmail
16AAryansTaipan CCSandy Bay (PM)AryansN/A
March 29th 200915BLSW SarganMadras CCMR (AM)LSW SarganHiren Patel
17ABangladesh CCAryansMR (PM)AryansBharat
April 5th 200918AAryansNandas IndusMR (AM)Nandas IndusBhawuk
April 11th 200916BSLSCCMadras CCMR (AM)SLSCCIshan
19ABangladesh CCNandas IndusMR (PM)Nandas IndusBhawuk
April 13th 200917BUSRCLSW GladiatorsSandy Bay (PM)Wash outN/A
May 2nd 200918BLaguna CCLSW GladiatorsPTS (PM)LSW GladiatorsM Altaf
May 3rd 200919BLSW GladiatorsSLSCCPTS (AM)LSW GladiatorsM Shabbir
May 10th 200920AImran CAMadras CCMR (AM)Imran CAShafiq
20BAryansMid LevelsMR (PM)AryansShahbaz
May 16th 200921ABangladesh CCMid LevelsSandy Bay (PM)Mid LevelsN/A
May 17th 200921BSLSCCImran CASandy Bay (PM)WashoutN/A
Cup Knockout Matches
April 26th 20091QF1HKUST (A1)LSW Sargan (B4)HKUSTHKUSTFaisal
June 7th 20092QF2Aryans (A2)SLSCC (B3)Sandy Bay (PM)SLSCCNilantha
May 17th 20093QF3Tai Pan CC (A3)Imran CA (B2)MR (PM)Tai Pan CCZahid
4QF4Nandas Indus (A4)LSW Gladiators (B1)MR (AM)LSW GladiatorsM Shabbir
June 7th 20095SF1HKUST (Q1)Tai Pan CC (Q3)HKUSTTai Pan CCZeeshan
June 14th 20096SF2SLSCC (Q2)LSW Gladiators (Q4)Sandy Bay (AM)LSW GladiatorsNasir
August 2nd 20097FinalTai Pan CC (SF1)LSW Gladiators (SF2)Sandy Bay (PM)Tai Pan CCZeeshan
Plate Knockout Matches
June 6th 20091Q1Bangladesh CC (A7)Laguna CC (B6)Sandy Bay (PM)Laguna CCPranav
June 7th 20092Q2USRC (B7)LSW X-Cricketers (A6)Sandy Bay (AM)LSW X-Cricketers (W/O)N/A
June 14th 20093SF1Mid Levels (A5)LSW X-Cricketers (Q2)Sandy Bay (AM)Mid LevelsDerek
4SF2Madras CC (B5)Laguna CC (Q1)Sandy Bay (PM)Laguna CCShubum
August 9th 20095FinalMid Levels (SF1)Laguna CC (SF2)Sandy Bay (PM)Laguna CCPrashant Metha
2008-09 Season - HKCA Challenge League - Points Tables
2008-09 HKCA Challenge League - Points Table Group A
TeamPlayedWinLossNo Result /TieTotal Points
Tai Pan CC63217
Nanda Indus63217
Mid Levels62226
LSW X-Cricketers61413
Bangladesh CC60600
2008-09 HKCA Challenge League - Points Table Group B
TeamPlayedWinLossNo Result /TieTotal Points
LSW Gladiators650111
Imran CA64119
LSW Sargan63306
Laguna CC62404
Madras CC62404