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2008-09 Season - HKCA Women's League & Cup - Fixtures
DateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResult
7-Sep-08HKCC CavaliersvsKCC MaidensPTCKCC Maidens won by 64 runs
7-Sep-08LSW WaspsvsHKCC Willow WieldersMRWillow Wielders won by 189 runs
15-Sep-08KCC MaidensvsLamma CCKCCLamma won by 174 runs
15-Sep-08HKCC Willow WieldersvsLSW WaspsHKCCWillow Wielders won by 200 runs
28-Sep-08HKCC Willow WieldersvsKCC MaidensPTCWillow Wielders won by 5 wkts
1-Oct-08HKCC Willow WieldersvsLamma CCHKCCLamma won by 118 runs
19-Oct-08Lamma CCvsHKCC CavaliersPTCLamma won by 95 runs
26-Oct-08LSW WaspsvsKCC MaidensKCCKCC Maidens won by 212 runs
2-Nov-08Lamma CCvsKCC MaidensPTCLamma won by 7 wkts
16-Nov-08Lamma CCvsHKCC Willow WieldersPTCWillow Wielders won by 13 runs
23-Nov-08HKCC CavaliersvsLSW WaspsPTCCavaliers won by 81 runs
23-Nov-08KCC MaidensvsHKCC Willow WieldersKCCKCC Maidens won by 59 runs
14-Dec-08HKCC CavaliersvsHKCC Willow WieldersPTCWillow Wielders won by 4 wkts
4-Jan-09HKCC Willow WieldersvsHKCC CavaliersHKCCWillow Wielders won by 10 wkts
4-Jan-09KCC MaidensvsLSW WaspsKCCKCC Maidens won by 7 wkts
11-Jan-09LSW WaspsvsLamma CCMRLamma won by 7 wkts
8-Mar-09Lamma CCvsLSW WaspsPTCLamma won by walkover
15-Mar-09HKCC CavaliersvsLamma CCPTCLamma won by 140 runs
22-Mar-09LSW WaspsvsHKCC CavaliersPTCCavaliers won by 166 runs
5-Apr-09KCC MaidensvsHKCC CavaliersMRKCC Maidens won by 8 wkts

Rescheduled fixtures shown in italics.

2008-09 HKCA Women's Cup
DateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResult
18-Apr-09HKCC CavaliersvsLSW WaspsMRCavaliers won by toss of coin
25-Apr-09HKCC Willow WieldersvsKCC MaidensKCCWillow Wielders won by toss of coin
25-Apr-09Lamma CCvsHKCC CavaliersHKULamma won by walkover
2-May-09Lamma CCvsHKCC Willow WieldersMRLamma won by 102 runs