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2008-09 MDC Members

The members of the MDC in 2008-09 are:

  • Michael Jamieson - Chairman
  • Anoop Gidwani - ACU&S
  • Mark Eames - HKCC
  • Peter Slack - KCC
  • Capt Shahzada Saleem - ICC

The Committee's mandate is specified in the Articles of Association and MDC Charter and Procedures are published in the HKCA Handbook.


The following are rulings made by the MDC during the 2008-09 season:

[Posted 22.01.2009] On the 7th January 2009 after reviewing umpires reports from the Quaid-I-Azam Trophy Final, between Little Sai Wan CC and Pakistan Association CC, the MDC ruled that a LSW player had been found guilty of showing serious dissent at an umpire's decision. However due to procedural issues the player was issued with a suspended sentence of 2 matches. As such should the player be reported to the MDC again this year and found in breach of the player’s code of conduct a suspended penalty of 2 matches will be added to any further suspension given by the MDC.

Michael Jamieson
MDC Chairman