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2009-10 Season - HKCA Challenge - Fixtures & Results

Group A: Taipans, Indians United, LSW X-Cricketers, Imran Cricket Academy, LSW Sarjan, Laguna CC, USRC
Group B: LSW Gladiators, SLSCC, HKUST, Bangladesh CC, Madras CC, Indus, Midlevels

Ground1st SessionBreak2nd Session
Sandy Bay (AM)8:30 am - 10:30 am10:30 am - 10:40 am10:40 am - 12:40 pm
Sandy Bay (PM)1:30 pm - 3:30 pm 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
AMs (AM)9:00 am - 11:00 am11:00 am - 11:10 am11:10 am - 1:10 pm
PMs (PM)1:30 pm - 3:30 pm 3:30 pm - 4:00 pm 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
HKUST12:15 pm - 2:15 pm 2:15 pm - 2:30 pm 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
2009-10 HKCA Challenge League - Fixtures & Results
DateGroupTeam vs. TeamVenueResultMOM
August 16th 20091ALSW X-CricketersIndians UnitedSandy Bay (PM)LSW X-CricketersShezad
August 23rd 20091BSLSCCMidlevelsSandy Bay (PM)MidlevelsDerek
August 30th 20092BHKUSTMidlevelsHKUSTMidlevelsCharak
2ALSW SarjanIndians UnitedSandy Bay (PM)LSW SarjanSuresh Kumar Graveria
September 27th 20093BHKUSTBangladesh CCHKUSTBangladesh CCAzhar
October 4th 20093ALSW X-CricketersLSW SarjanPTSLSW SarjanSuresh Kumar Graveria
October 11th 20094AImran CALSW SarjanPTSImran CAGohan Akram
October 18th 20094BIndusSLSCCPTSSLSCCDanieh
5BHKUSTMadras CCHKUSTHKUSTRavi Goonetilleke
October 25th 20096BIndusLSW GladiatorsPTSIndusDarshan Singh
November 1st 20097BMadras CCBangladesh CCPTSMadras CCAjmal
November 8th 20095ATaipansLSW X-CricketersPTSTaipansBaber
November 15th 20096AIndians UnitedLaguna CCPTSLaguna CCAshish
November 22nd 20097AIndians UnitedTaipansPTSTaipansBarber
November 29th 20098AImran CALaguna CCPTSLaguna CCSaurin
December 6th 20099ALSW X-CricketersImran CAPTSLSW X-CricketersZaheer
December 13th 20098BSLSCCBangladesh CCPTSSLSCCRasitha
10ATaipansLaguna CCSandy Bay (AM)TaipansTanmay
December 20th 20099BHKUSTLSW GladiatorsHKUSTLSW GladiatorsUsman Ali
January 31st 201010BHKUSTSLSCCHKUSTSLSCCAshoka
February 13th 201011ATaipansImran CAKai Tak (AM)TaipansTanmay
February 14th 201012ALaguna CCUSRCPTSUSRCAbhishek
February 21st 201011BMadras CCLSW GladiatorsSandy Bay (AM)LSW GladiatorsKamran
March 14th 201013ATaipansUSRCPTSTaipansSalim
March 21st 201013BIndusMadras CCPTSIndusAfzaal Ahmed
March 28th 201014BLSW GladiatorsMidlevelsPTSMidlevelsRajiv Sood
April 2nd 201014AIndians UnitedUSRCMission Road (AM)Indians United
April 4th 201015BIndusBangladesh CCPTSIndusAjmal
April 6th 201016BLSW GladiatorsBangladesh CCKai TakLSW GladiatorsN/A
April 18th 201015ALaguna CCLSW SarjanKai Tak (PM)LSW SarjanParin
April 25th 201016ALSW X-CricketersLaguna CCKai Tak (PM)LSW X-CricketersShezad
17ATaipansLSW SarjanMission Road (PM)TaipansBarber
May 9th 201017BLSW GladiatorsSLSCCMission Road (AM)SLSCCAshoka
May 16th 201018BMadras CCMidlevelsMission Road (AM)MidlevelsRajiv Sood
19BHKUSTIndusHKUSTHKUSTKaranbeer Singh
May 21st 201018ALaguna CCUSRCKai Tak (AM)Laguna CCPranav Shah
May 23rd 201019AIndians UnitedImran CAKai Tak (AM)N/RN/A
May 30th 201020ALSW X-CricketersUSRCKai Tak (AM)USRCBuddika Perera
June 6th 201020BMid LevelsBangladesh CCMission Road (AM)MidlevelsCharak
21AImran CAUSRCMission Road (PM)Imran CAZameer
June 13th 201021BSLSCCMadras CCSandy Bay (PM)SLSCCTiran
2009-10 HKCA Challenge League - Cup Knock-out Matches
DateGroupTeam vs. TeamVenueResultMOM
13th June1QF1TaipansLSW GladiatorsMission Road (AM)TaipansTanmay
6th June2QF2LSW SarjanIndusPTSIndusKaranbeer Singh
20th June3QF3LSW X-CricketersSLSCCMission Road (AM)SLSCCBuddika Perera
20th June4QF4Laguna CCMidlevelsSandy Bay (PM)MidlevelsRajiv
11th July5SF1TaipansSLSCCMission Road (PM)SLSCC
4th July6SF2MidlevelsIndusMission Road (AM)IndusIrfan
26th September7FINALSLSCCIndusPKVR
2009-10 HKCA Challenge League - Plate Knock-out Matches
DateGroupTeam vs. TeamVenueResultMOM
1st July1QF1Madras CCIndians UnitedMission Road (AM)Indians UnitedSampara
4th July3SF1Bangladesh CCUSRCSandy Bay (AM)Bangladesh CCNiaz
4th July6SF2Imran CAIndians UnitedSandy Bay (PM)Imran CAShafiq
TBC7FINALBangladesh CCImran CA
2009-10 Season - HKCA Challenge League - Points Tables
2009-10 HKCA Challenge League - Points Table Group A
TeamPlayedWinLossNo Result /TieTotal Points
LSW Sarjan63306
LSW X-Cricketers63306
Laguna CC63306
Imran Cricket Academy62315
Indians United61413
2009-10 HKCA Challenge League - Points Table Group B
TeamPlayedWinLossNo Result /TieTotal Points
Midlevels United660012
LSW Gladiators63306
Bangladesh CC61502
Madras CC61502