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Revised fixtures are shown in italics. Highlighted fixtures indicate Play-off matches.

2009-10 HKCA Sunday League - Fixtures & Results
DateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResult
20-Sep-09HKCC OptimistsvsLSW JKNHKCCLSW JKN won by 238 runs
20-Sep-09KCC TemplarsvsPakistan AssociationKCCPakistan Association won by 5 wkts
27-Sep-09KCC InfidelsvsLSW KnightsKCCInfidels won by 42 runs
27-Sep-09HKCC ScorpionsvsPakistan AssociationHKCCPakistan Association won by 7 wkts
04-Oct-09HKCC ScorpionsvsHKCC OptimistsHKCCScorpions won by 1 wkt
11-Oct-09KCC TemplarsvsKCC InfidelsKCCInfidels won on superior run-rate
11-Oct-09HKCC WanderersvsVagabonds CCHKCCWanderers won on superior run-rate
18-Oct-09HKCC OptimistsvsHKCC WanderersHKCCWanderers won by 6 wkts
18-Oct-09KCC InfidelsvsLSW JKNKCCLSW JKN won 214 runs
18-Oct-09Lighthouse Sri Lankan's CCvsVagabonds CCMRVagabonds won by 91 runs
25-Oct-09LSW KnightsvsHKCC ScorpionsMRLSW Knights won by 121 runs
25-Oct-09HKCC WanderersvsPakistan AssociationHKCCPakistan Association won by 6 wkts
26-Oct-09LSW JKNvsKCC TemplarsMRLSW JKN won by 8 wkts
08-Nov-09HKCC ScorpionsvsHKCC WanderersHKCCWanderers won by 1 wkt
08-Nov-09Millennium CCvsLSW JKNMRLSW JKN won by 266 runs
08-Nov-09KCC TemplarsvsVagabonds CCKCCVagabonds won by 187 runs
15-Nov-09HKCC WanderersvsHKCC OptimistsHKCCWanderers won by 7 wkts
15-Nov-09LSW JKNvsMillennium CCMRLSW JKN won by 139 runs
15-Nov-09KCC TemplarsvsHKCC ScorpionsKCCScorpions won by 6 wkts
22-Nov-09KCC InfidelsvsHKCC ScorpionsKCCScorpions won by 7 wkts
22-Nov-09Pakistan AssociationvsMillennium CCMRPakistan Association won by 32 runs
29-Nov-09Lighthouse Sri Lankan's CCvsHKCC WanderersKai TakWanderers won by 4 wkts
29-Nov-09HKCC OptimistsvsKCC InfidelsHKCCInfidels won by 4 wkts
29-Nov-09Millennium CCvsLSW KnightsMRMillennium won by 7 wkts
06-Dec-09HKCC ScorpionsvsHKCC WanderersHKCCWanderers won by 106 runs
06-Dec-09Lighthouse Sri Lankan's CCvsMillennium CCKai TakSri Lankan's won by 5 runs
13-Dec-09Pakistan AssociationvsLSW KnightsMRPakistan Association won by 17 runs
20-Dec-09Lighthouse Sri Lankan's CCvsHKCC OptimistsHKCCSri Lankan's won by 8 runs
20-Dec-09LSW JKNvsLSW KnightsMRLSW JKN won by 8 wkts
10-Jan-10Pakistan AssociationvsKCC InfidelsKai TakPakistan Association won by 72 runs
10-Jan-10Vagabonds CCvsLSW KnightsMRVagabonds won by 142 runs
10-Jan-10HKCC OptimistsvsMillennium CCHKCCOptimists won by 8 wkts
17-Jan-10HKCC ScorpionsvsLighthouse Sri Lankan's CCHKCCScorpions won by 297 runs
17-Jan-10Millennium CCvsKCC InfidelsKCCInfidels won by 27 runs
17-Jan-10LSW KnightsvsVagabonds CCMRLSW Knights won by 1 wkt
24-Jan-10HKCC WanderersvsLSW JKNHKCCLSW JKN won by 1 wkt
24-Jan-10KCC InfidelsvsKCC TemplarsKCCTemplars won by 2 wkts
24-Jan-10Millennium CCvsLighthouse Sri Lankan's CCMRMillennium won by 10 wkts
31-Jan-10HKCC OptimistsvsHKCC ScorpionsHKCCScorpions won by 260 runs
31-Jan-10KCC TemplarsvsHKCC WanderersKCCWanderers won by 158 runs
31-Jan-10Pakistan AssociationvsLSW JKNMRPakistan Association won by 7 wkts
07-Feb-10HKCC WanderersvsMillennium CCHKCCAbandoned due to wet weather
07-Feb-10Vagabonds CCvsKCC InfidelsKai TakAbandoned due to wet weather
07-Feb-10LSW KnightsvsPakistan AssociationMRAbandoned due to wet weather
14-Feb-10LSW KnightsvsKCC TemplarsKai TakLSW Knights won by 9 wkts
21-Feb-10Millennium CCvsHKCC ScorpionsHKCCScorpions won by 7 wkts
21-Feb-10KCC TemplarsvsHKCC OptimistsKCCTemplars won by 4 wkts
21-Feb-10Pakistan AssociationvsVagabonds CCMRPakistan Association won by 204 runs
28-Feb-10LSW KnightsvsHKCC OptimistsHKCCOptimists won by 6 wkts
28-Feb-10Vagabonds CCvsMillennium CCKai TakVagabonds won by 59 runs
28-Feb-10KCC InfidelsvsLighthouse Sri Lankan's CCKCCinfidels won by 9 wkts
28-Feb-10Pakistan AssociationvsKCC TemplarsMRPakistan Association won by 172 runs
07-Mar-10Pakistan AssociationvsHKCC OptimistsHKCCPakistan Association won by 90 runs
07-Mar-10Vagabonds CCvsLighthouse Sri Lankan's CCKai TakVagabonds won by 94 runs
07-Mar-10KCC InfidelsvsLSW JKNMRLSW JKN won by 108 runs
14-Mar-10HKCC OptimistsvsVagabonds CCHKCCOptimists won by 4 wkts
14-Mar-10KCC InfidelsvsHKCC WanderersKCCInfidels won by 150 runs
14-Mar-10Lighthouse Sri Lankan's CCvsPakistan AssociationMRPakistan Association won by 283 runs
14-Mar-10LSW JKNvsHKCC ScorpionsKai TakLSW JKN won by 194 runs
21-Mar-10LSW KnightsvsHKCC WanderersHKCCWanderers won by 30 runs
21-Mar-10KCC TemplarsvsLighthouse Sri Lankan's CCMRTemplars won by 41 runs
21-Mar-10HKCC ScorpionsvsVagabonds CCKai TakVagabonds won by 52 runs
28-Mar-10Vagabonds CCvsLSW JKNKai TakLSW JKN won by 9 wkts
28-Mar-10Millennium CCvsKCC TemplarsKCCTemplars won by walk-over
28-Mar-10LSW KnightsvsLighthouse Sri Lankan's CCMRLSW Knights won by 5 wkts
11-Apr-10LSW JKNvsLighthouse Sri Lankan's CCKai TakLSW JKN won by 8 wkts
2009-10 HKCA Sunday League - PLAY-OFFS
DateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResult
11-Apr-104th - Vagabonds CCvs5th - KCC InfidelsKCCVagabonds won by 2 wkts
11-Apr-103rd - HKCC Wanderersvs6th - HKCC ScorpionsHKCCWanderers won by 3 wkts
18-Apr-101st - LSW JKNvs2nd - Pakistan AssociationMRPakistan Association won by 29 runs
18-Apr-10HKCC WanderersvsVagabonds CCHKCCWanderers won by 8 wkts
25-Apr-10LSW JKNvsHKCC WanderersHKCCLSW JKN won by 234 runs
02-May-10Pakistan AssociationvsLSW JKNKCCPakistan Association won by 7 wkts