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Hong Kong Cricket Association has announced an exciting Twenty20 competition for the best men and women cricket players in Hong Kong. Played over a four week period starting on July 18th at Kai Tak Cricket Ground, the 2010 Elite Player Series will conclude on August 8th while the Women’s Series will start on September 5th. The series is to give the selectors an opportunity to select the 20-man National squad for the next 12 months, as well as the 16-woman National squad for 2010-11.

In the men's series, teams will be drawn from the best senior and junior players but they won't be playing for their respective Clubs. Rather, players from the different clubs will be mixed up to give them greater experience at playing with different team-mates.Teams will be obliged and encouraged to give their junior players (i.e. under 19 and younger) leading roles in the matches.

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The teams and players participating in the EPS 2010 are:

  • Victory - Usman Manj, Shivang Baird, Mohammad Imran, Ilyas Gull, Munir Dar, Haseeb Amjad, Waqas Khan, Azhar Ilahi, Asif Khan, Zafaran Ali, Jamshaid Khan, Zar Khan, Rafaqat Ali, Jason Lui, Tahir Khan, Tabarak Dar (Coach)
  • Peaks - Roy Lamsam, Shakeel Haq, Nizakat Khan, Babar Hayat, Ankur Sharma, Azam Mohammad, Waqas Barkat, Toby Brown, Ghulam Mustafa, Khalid Khan, Ninad Shah, Tauseef Bukhari, Sohel, Li Kai Ming, Seigfried, Najeeb Amar (Coach)
  • Dragons - Nasir Hameed, Todd Hoare, Hussain Butt, Mohammad Khan, Kinchit Shah, Muddasar, Suresh Pandey, Gurjant Singh, Adil Khan, Imran Farcy, Niaz Ali, Anas Khan, Chan Ka Ming, Nick Armstrong, Mohsin Khan, Jawaid Iqbal (Coach)
  • Stormers - Miten Khatri, Phil Pemberton, Anshuman Rath, Peter Wooden, Rahul Sharma, Sean Montague, Afzaal Haider, Waqar Dawood, Aditya Kanthan, Ateequi Rehman Iqbal, Uzair Khan, Nick Lau, Jamie Atkinson, Mohammad Saeed, Ranjeet Singh, Sher Lama (Coach)

Schedule & Results Summary

DateMatchVenueStart TimeResult
18.07.2010Victory v. StormersKai Tak10AMMatch reduced to 15 overs per side: Victory 191-5 from 15 overs (Tabarak 69, Imran 59) beat Stormers 109-4 from 15 overs (Wijekon 33, Wooden 33*) by 82 runs [Scorecard | Bulletin - Round 1]
18.07.2010Dragons v. PeaksKai Tak2PMPeaks 206-6 from 20 overs (Waqas 48, Najeeb 93*) beat Dragons 204-3 from 19 overs (Butt 66, Nasir 91) by 2 runs [Scorecard | Bulletin]
25.07.2010Victory v. DragonsKai Tak10AMVictory 126-9 from 20 overs (Asif Khan 50; Anas Khan 4-1-14-4) lost to Dragons 128-2 from 16 overs (Nasir Hameed 57*, Kinchit Shah 51) by 8 wkts [Scorecard | Bulletin Round 2]
25.07.2010Stormers v. PeaksKai Tak2PMPeaks 171-6 from 20 overs (Babar Hyat 65) beat Stormers 149-7 (Peter Wooden 89*) from 20 overs [Scorecard | Bulletin]
01.08.2010Peaks v. VictoryKai Tak10AMVictory 202-7 from 20 overs (Imran 50, Tabarak Dar 84, W Khan 35) beat Peaks 189-7 from 20 overs Najeeb Amar 42, Babar Hayat 36) by 12 runs [Scorecard]
01.08.2010Dragons v. StormersKai Tak2PMStormers 160-6 from 20 overs (Peter Wooden 44, Nilantha Wijekoon 62, Waqar Darwood 36*) beat Dragons 145-9 from 20 overs (Hussain Butt 43, Niaz Ali 37) by 15 runs [Scorecard]
08.08.2010Play-off - Dragons (3) v. Stormers (4)Kai Tak10AMCancelled due to flooded ground

Grand Final - Victory (1) v. Peaks (2)

Kai Tak2PMPeaks 233-7 from 20 overs (Najeeb Amar 66, Babar Hayat 37; Asif Khan 4-0-50-3) beat Victory 157 from 15.3 overs (Asif Khan 43; Najeeb Amar 3.3-119-4) by 76 runs [Scorecard | Bulletin]
DateMatchVenueStart TimeResult
05.09.2010Kai Tak
12.09.2010Kai Tak

Points Table

TeamPlayedWonLostN/RPointsRuns ForRuns AgainstOvers FacedOvers BowledNRR

Player of the Series

NameTeamRound 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Total
Najeeb AmarPeaks3--47
Tabarak DarVictory2-3-5
Nilantha WijekoonStormers--4-4
Peter WoodenStormers12--3
Anas KhanDragons-3--3
Babar HyatPeaks-2--2
Imran MuhammadVictory1-1-2
Nasir HameedDragons11--2
Ilyas GulVictory1---1
Jawaid IqbalDragons1---1
Kinchit ShahDragons-1--1
Shakeel HaqPeaks--1-1
Afzaal HaiderStormers--1-1
Asif KhanVictory---11