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Secondary School League

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Format and Structure:

  1. There are three divisions in the Secondary Schools League
  2. Division 1 will play hard-ball T20 cricket in Grade A and Grade B, and soft-ball T20 cricket in Grade C
  3. Division 2 will have a combined Grade A & B competition playing soft-ball T20 cricket, with 8-a-side pairs cricket in Grade C
  4. Division 3 will have a combined Grade A & B competition, and a Grade C competition, both playing 8-a-side pairs cricket
  5. There will be a single all-age Girls competition, playing soft-ball T20 cricket
  6. Detailed playing conditions for 2020-21 are TBC

Fixtures and Results:

The 2020-21 schedule is currently TBC


2020-21 Player Eligibility is currently TBC

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Last Updated: 2nd Sept 2020