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ACC U19 Eastern Asia Cup Qualifier

30 June 2019 12:00 am


Group A

  • Nepal
  • Singapore
  • Myanmar
  • China

Group B

  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Bhutan

On Wednesday 26th June the Hong Kong National Under 19 Team headed to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Asian Cricket Council Under 19 Eastern Region Tournament.

They will start their trip with a four day preparation tour in Kuala Lumpur where they will have a mix of training and match time designed to help them acclimatise to the conditions and fine tune their games leading in to the tour.

The tournament itself runs from the 30th June to the 10th July. There are two pools of four. Hong Kong are in a pool with Malaysia, Thailand and Bhutan. The top two from each pool will progress to the semi-finals.

Hong Kong Under 19 Head Coach Jawaid Iqbal had this to say "I am glad to have such an enthusiastic squad players who are all very energetic and willing to play well in the tournament. From this tournament, I hope the players can get good experience and can use this opportunity to showcase their talents and skills."

Throughout the tournament we will be updating both our website and social media platforms with score updates and match reports.


Adit GORAWARA © Kowloon Cricket Club

Aarush BHAGWAT (VC) Kowloon Cricket Club

Kalhan Marc CHALLU Kowloon Cricket Club

Mehran ZEB Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club

Rahul SHARMA Hong Kong Cricket Club

MOHAMMAD Sajjad Pakistan Association Cricket Club

Nasrulla RANA Pakistan Association Cricket Club

ABDUL Urslan Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club

Dhananjay RAO Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club

Ayush SHUKLA Hong Kong Cricket Club

Vikas SHARMA Kowloon Cricket Club

MOHAMMAD Hassan Khan Hong Kong Cricket Club

MOHAMMAD Hassan Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club

Raunaq KAPUR Hong Kong Cricket Club


Munir KHAN Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club

Zakir HAYAT United Services Recreation Club

Sachin SURESH Hong Kong Cricket Club

Vidur Malik Hong Kong Cricket Club

Zaidan Ali SHUBANI Pakistan Association Cricket Club

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Hong Kong U19 vs Thailand U19 at TPCA
Thailand won the toss choose to bat first

Hong Kong started the bowling by Mohammad Hassan who is a left arm spinner and the other end by Vikas Sharma. Hong Kong got the first wicket in the 4th over when the total score was 13, a brilliant catch by Mehran Zeb at the second slip off Vikas. Nasrulla Rana replaced Mohammad Hassan who bowled only 1 over his first spell.
Nasrulla struggled with his run ups and bowled 3 no balls in the first over and 5 no balls in the second over. We were lucky on the free hits, Thailand didn’t score many runs, they kept playing and missing. Rana bowled only 2 overs. Vikas continued bowling tight line and got second wicket again caught by Mehran at second slip. Dhananjay bowled the other end replacing Rana. Dhananjay bowled tight line but unfortunately he didn't get any wicket. Other end Vikas continued taking wickets. 3rd wicket was at 37 in 14 overs. Raunaq Kapur bowled the other end brilliantly and took wickets regularly. Thailand collapsed all out 99 runs in 29.4 overs.
Hong Kong gave away 40 runs extras with 11 no balls and 22 wides.
Hong Kong’s target was 100 runs to win. Nasrulla and Kalhan opened the batting. Nasrulla hit 22 runs in first over with 3 sixes and 1 four. Kalhan got bowled and scored 5 in 4th over when the total score was 38. Rahul Sharma joined Nasrulla but couldn't stay long as he got caught at cover scored 5. Captain Adit Gorawara joined Nasrulla. Adit tried to stay with Nasrulla. The other end Nasrulla continued hitting the ball to the boundary line and caught at cover trying to hit the ball over the fielder’s head, he didn't hit the middle and instead got the bottom edge, he scored 46 off 23 balls with the total score was 59. Mohammad Sajjad next batsmen and run out scored 10. Adit also later got run out scored 10. Mehran Zeb and Mohammad Hassan stuck around and finally Hong Kong won the match.

Match Summary
Thailand 99 all out in 29.4 overs, Vikas Sharma 19 for 4 in 8 overs and Raunaq Kapur 25 for 5 in 7 overs.
Hong Kong 102 for 5 in 20 overs, Nasrulla Rana 46.
Hong Kong U19 won by 5 wickets

Hong Kong’s next match will be on 5th July against Bhutan at STC ground.

Hong Kong won the toss against Bhutan at Selangor Turf Club and elected to bat first. Nasrulla and Kalhan stepped out to bat and gave Hong Kong a quick start of 66 in 8 overs with Nasrulla making a quick 50 and Kalhan supporting him. Then Nasrulla, Kalhan, Rahul and Aarush fell in quick succession. This brought upon Adit and Mehran to the crease who steadied the innings with a good partnership of 44 runs until Mehran got out on 26. Then Adit continued to anchor the innings and reach his 50. Soon after Hassan Khan, Arslan and Dhananjay hit a few runs trying to support Adit however both got out soon after. Then Hassan Mohammad and Adit steered the innings to the end with a great partnership, leaving Hong Kong on 265/9 with Hassan Mohammad finishing on 26 and Adit on 84 of 108 not out.
Notable Performances:
Adit: 84*
Nasrulla: 50

Hong Kong came out to bowl with high energy levels and put instant pressure on Bhutan with wickets from Mohammad Hassan and Dhananjay. Then throughout the innings tight lines and lengths were bowled by Hong Kong with wickets falling at regular intervals. This allowed Hong Kong to maintain pressure and restrict Bhutan to 93 all out.
Notable Performances:
Mohammad Hassan: 10-3-18
Mehran: 7-2-15

Man of the match: Adit Gorawara

Hong Kong won the toss against Malaysia and elected to bat first at the Kinrara Oval. Once again, Nasrulla and Kalhan gave us a quick start of 40 runs in 6 overs and Nasrulla got out on 30. Then Kalhan and Adit had a great partnership taking the team past 100 with Kalhan finishing on 43. Then Aarush and Adit had another good partnership leaving Aarush on 20 and Hong Kong on 150. Soon after Adit fell on 50 and Mehran, Hassan Khan and Dhananjay not being able to get going. The tail of the innings managed to get another 20 runs on the board with small contributions from Raunaq, Mohammad Hassan and Vikas leaving Hong Kong on 172/9 after the 50 overs.
Notable performances:
Adit: 50
Kalhan: 43

Hong Kong came out to bowl with high levels on energy allowing them two grab a wicket in the first over of the game courtesy of Mohammad Hassan. Then Vikas and Raunaq came onto the attack and had a spell of 15 overs together both of them picking up 3 wickets a piece, leaving Malaysia on 44/7 after 20 overs. Then as a result of dropped catches and missed chances Hong Kong allowed Malaysia to build up a huge partnership leaving Malaysia at 145/7. With rain delays and thunder looming play had stopped, allowing Hong Kong to regroup during the break and come back much stronger and fight till the end. This then led to a great piece of fielding at the boundary breaking the partnership courtesy of a run out. With 2 wickets remaining Nasrulla came on the attack and immediately brought upon another wicket making them 160/9. Then it came down to 4 runs required of 6 balls with the ball in Nasrulla’s hand. Hong Kong fielders all had energy gushing through their veins, each encouraging each other. Then Nasrulla stepped up to the occasion and delivered with the match winning wicket and sealed the game for Hong Kong. This created a surreal atmosphere with all players running in joy after this nail biting experience.
Notable performances:
Raunaq: 10-2-20-3
Vikas: 10-1-30-3

Man of the match:
Nasrulla: 30 runs and 2 wickets

Singapore won the toss against Hong Kong in the semi finals at the Selangor Turf Club and sent Hong Kong into bat. As usual Nasrulla provided Hong Kong an electric start with a quick 55 supported by Adit after the Singapore bowlers took Kalhan and Rahul early. Adit and Nasrulla provided Hong Kong a great start in the power-play finishing on 82/3 with Nasrulla falling. Then Adit and Aarush started to build a partnership, however was shortly ended leaving Adit a new partner in Mehran due to Aarush getting out. Adit and Mehran provided a great partnership allowing the score to tick quickly and allow Hong Kong to reach 200. Mehran Zeb soon after got out on 40, Adit on 52 and an early dismissal for Arslan on 7. Then Hassan Khan and Raunaq combined for a brief partnership of 30 runs allowing Hong Kong to reach a big total of 247/9 with Hassan Khan finishing on 16 out and Raunaq on 19 not out.
Notable Performances:
Nasrulla: 55
Adit: 52

Hong Kong came out to bowl with high confidence and belief in themselves being able to defend this large total. Energy levels were high as Hassan Mohammad picked up 2 early wickets and Nasrulla picking 1 wicket assisted by a spectacular catch by Mehran. This put Hong Kong on top and standing tall. As lightning started to strike and rain was looming, both the spinner Raunaq and Mohammad Hassan were brought on back into the attack picking up another wicket each leaving Singapore on 97/5 after 28 overs. As rain poured down and thunder struck the covers were brought on leaving Hong Kong ahead on DL method. Eventually the time came we’re the game got called off and no further play would take place, leading Hong Kong to the finals with a 51 run victory (DL method) over Singapore.
Notable Performances:
Mohammad Hassan: 7-3-18
Raunaq Kapur: 4.3-1-9

Man of the match: Nasrulla Rana (55 runs and 1 wicket)