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ICC Women's Qualifiers Asia 2019

Ended 28 February 2019
16 February 2019 12:00 am

Bangkok, Thailand

DAY DATE TIME Terdthai Cricket Ground Asian Institute of Technology Ground
1 16-Feb-19 Arrival
2 17-Feb-19 Meetings
3 18-Feb-19 AM Thailand vs China Kuwait vs Malaysia
PM UAE vs Hong Kong
4 19-Feb-19 AM Nepal vs Malaysia
PM Hong Kong vs China UAE vs Kuwait
5 20-Feb-19 Rest Day
6 21-Feb-19 AM Malaysia vs UAE Thailand vs Nepal
PM Kuwait vs China
7 22-Feb-19 AM UAE vs Nepal Thailand vs Hong Kong
PM China vs Malaysia
8 23-Feb-19 Rest Day
9 24-Feb-19 AM UAE vs China Thailand vs Kuwait
PM Nepal vs Hong Kong
10 25-Feb-19 AM Thailand vs Malaysia
PM China vs Nepal Kuwait vs Hong Kong
11 26-Feb-19 Rest Day
12 27-Feb-19 AM Hong Kong vs Malaysia Nepal vs Kuwait
PM Thailand vs UAE
13 28-Feb-19 Depart