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Members of Cricket Hong Kong, China Limited are cordially invited to attend this year’s Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) of Cricket Hong Kong, China Limited (“Cricket HK”) on Thursday, 28 March 2024 at 6:00 p.m at Olympic House, 1 Stadium Path, So Kon Po, Hong Kong.

The AGM will be held in a hybrid format. All Members are invited to attend in person or participate on the day via Web Conferencing (using Zoom). All Members will be provided with an opportunity to attend, vote and ask questions during the AGM in person or via the Zoom call. Unless Member has raised objection to Cricket HK in writing by 6:00 pm of 11 March 2024 (Monday), we shall presume that all Members of Cricket HK are in agreement to hold the AGM in the aforesaid manner.

Subject to our receipt of the above-mentioned objection, we shall send out invites and instructions on 22 March 2024 to your last recorded email address as available to Cricket HK which will show how you can join the AGM. If you have not yet given us your email address or your email address as last known to us has changed, please let us have your updated email address and contact details by email at

Please note that Section 610 of the Companies Ordinance (Cap 622) requires Cricket HK to hold its AGM within 9 months after the end of its financial year end (being 30 June) every year. To ensure compliance of this requirement, we now convene the 2024 AGM on 28 March 2024 (i.e. within the said 9-month period).

Pursuant to Article 11.4 of the Articles of Association of Cricket HK (“AoA”), the following directors will retire at the forthcoming AGM:-

John Alexander WRIGHT – Director – Facilities
Tracy Nicole WALKER – Director – Finance
Anoop Gulab GIDWANI – Independent Director B

In view of the above, we attach the following documents in relation to the convening of the 2024 AGM for your attention:

  1. Notice of AGM with accompanying notes;
  2. Draft minutes of the last AGM held on 31 March 2023, and the Adjourned 2023 AGM held on 31 May 2023; and
  3. Audited financial statements and the Reports of the Directors and the Independent Auditor for the year ended 30 June 2023.
  4. Form of Proxy

On behalf of the Board of directors, we would express our thanks for your past support as rendered to Cricket HK and look forward to seeing you at the AGM on 28 March 2024.

Best Regards,
Cricket Hong Kong, China Limited