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Hong Kong v. UAE, Al Dhaid Cricket Village - 23rd November 2009

23 November 2009

ACC Twenty20 Cup Tournament: ACC Twenty20 Cup 2009
Match: Hong Kong v. UAE
Played at: Dhaid Cricket Village, Al Dhaid
Date: 23rd November 2009

Format: 20 overs per side

Toss Won by: UAE (chose to bat first)

Umpires: Vinay Kumar Jha & Riaz Chaudhry

Match Referee:

Innings of: UAERunsMinsBalls4s6s
Mohammad Iqbal b Nadeem Ahmed42-2652
Amjad Javed run out3-2--
Amjad Ali+ c Irfan Ahmed b Aizaz Khan1-2--
Khurram Khan c Aizaz Khan b Nadeem Ahmed16-152-
Fayyaz Ahmed c Aizaz Khan b Moner Ahmed9-20--
Naeemuddin Aslam st +Waqas Barkat b Moner Ahmed2-8--
Ahmed Raza c ? b Irfan Ahmed21-181-
Moiz Shahd c ? b Irfan Ahmed6-10--
Mohammad Tauqir run out0-1--
Qasim Zubair not out10-6--
Shoaib Sarwar not out13-12-1
Extras: (lb3, w10, nb1)14
Total (from 20.0 overs): for 9 wkts137

Fall of wickets: 1-5, 2-8, 3-58, 4-76, 5-83, 6-90, 7-114, 8-114, 9-114.

Bowling: Irfan Ahmed 2-0-30-2 (1nb, 3w), Aizaz Khan 4-0-35-1 4w), Najeeb Amar 4-0-27-0 (1w), Nadeem Ahmed 4-0-29-2 (2w), Moner Ahmed 4-1-13-2.

Innings of: Hong Kong (target 138 from 20 overs)RunsMinsBalls4s6s
Hussain Butt c Naeemuddin Aslam b Mohammad Tauqir31-3131
Roy Lamsam b Ahmed Raza12-141-
Irfan Ahmed st +Amjad Ali b Khurram Khan*1-6--
Nizakat Khan c Mohammad Iqbal b Mohammad Tauqir17-19-2
Najeeb Amar run out0-0--
Moner Ahmed b Ahmed Raza22-3721
Nadeem Ahmed b Fayyaz Ahmed3-2--
Ilyas Gul not out5-8--
Aizaz Khan c Fayyaz Ahmed b Ahmed Razaz1-2--
Waqas Barkat+ b Ahmed Raza1-1--
Extras: (lb7, b1, w2, nb1)11
Total (from 20.0 overs): for 9 wickets110

Did not bat: Mustafa Ghulam.

Fall of wickets: 1-27, 2-30, 3-58, 4-66, 5-79, 6-87, 7-108, 8-110, 9-110.

Bowling: Moiz Shahid 3-0-10-0, Qasim Zubair 2-0-11-0, Khurram Khan 4-0-16-1, Ahmed Raza 4-0-8-4, Fayyaz Ahmed 4-0-36-1 (2w), Mohammad Tauqir 3-0-21-2.

Result: UAE won by 27 runs

Player of the Match: Ahmed Raza (UAE)