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Junior Cricket Sixes

The Junior Cricket Sixes is a brand new development program targeted at local schools which have no experience in cricket.

The program aims to expose and involve Hong Kong kids to sport of cricket through simple games and drills. Sessions will focus on getting kids interested in cricket and includes field trips to cricket matches and local cricket clubs for interactive learning experience.

Teachers are encouraged to get involved and will provide resources to helping with coaching kids at school. Contact us for demonstrations at your school!

【六人板球學堂】在2016 /17學年首次推行,已得到8小學的踴躍參與。

現在亦為2018/19學年招募新學校參與作為板球大使。今年亦會在9月開設 CRICKET ROADSHOW 板球示範, 希望除了讓有興趣學校可先透過示範進一步了解計劃再作決定之外, 亦可級學生一個嘗試新運動機會!

  • 每間參與學校可以參加1至3節 示範
  • 時間可在體育堂/多元課堂
  • 建議每節 20-60學生

如對來年 CRICKET ROADSHOW 有興趣, 歡迎下載表格 , 填妥後電郵至