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Cricket Hong Kong Vision of “Cricket for All” aided by on-going Sponsorship from Craigengower Cricket Club

Today, the Cricket Hong Kong Chair, Tony Melloy, announced ongoing sponsorship from the Craigengower Cricket Club targeting community development of cricket.

"I am delighted our strong partnership will continue to flourish and Craigengower will further help our aim of making cricket the fastest growing sport in Hong Kong,” Melloy said.

"This is the 5th tranche of $150,000 sponsorship from the Happy Valley-based Craigengower since they opened their indoor training centre in 2013," he said. "This further contribution helps us pursue our vision of Cricket for All," Melloy added.

"Helping Others Discover Cricket has been a hallmark of Craigengower's visionary approach to the game and we are very proud to be part of the process," Melloy continued.

Speaking about the decision, Craigengower President, Fred Keung said, "Our continuing sponsorship reflects faith in our shared vision and the importance we place in proudly supporting CHK develop cricket in Hong Kong.”

"Joining hands with the dedicated coaches and professional approach of CHK has produced proven results in a short time, with young cricketers excelling at a variety of levels, including the National Women, the mens game and with the Hong Kong Dragons," Keung added. “With CHKs help we are also able to connect unexpected sources of interest in the community. The St James Settlement Cricket Society with many over 65s has been a revelation,” Keung enthused.

"We are very excited by CHK initiatives with the new Dragons Academy as a vehicle for junior and youth cricket.” “We look forward to welcoming all comers to the Braidwood Centre for Cricket Development, with the hope they will see it as a home for the Dragons Academy in Happy Valley,” Keung said.

“Professional guidance and the enthusiasm of CHK has helped us upgrade the Braidwood Cricket Centre as an improved training facility and as a venue for indoor League cricket,” Keung added. “This is so exciting because it means competitive cricket will return to our grounds for the first time since 1976,” Keung said.

In closing, the Cricket HK Chair, Tony Melloy said, "As a club formed way back in 1894 to teach schoolboys to play cricket with race colour or creed no barrier, Craigengower remains true to their proud 125 year old vision of promoting cricket in Hong Kong. I’m sure their founder Braidwood would be very proud as well.”

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