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Hong Kong U19 v. Netherlands U19, Malton CC - 2nd September 2009

02日 09月

ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2009 Tournament: ICC Under-19 Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2009
Match: Hong Kong Under-19 v. Netherlands Under-19
Played at: Malton Cricket Club, Toronto
Date: 2nd September 2009

Format: 50 overs per side

Toss Won by: Netherlands Under-19 (elected to bat)

Umpires: Courtney Young (CAY) and Karran Bayney (GUY)

Third Umpire: Ashook Brijcoomar (GUY)

Match Referee: David Jukes (ENG)

Innings of: Netherlands Under-19RunsBalls4s6sS/R
Mels Hartman c Irfan Ahmed b Niaz Ali219--10.52
Dennis Coster c James Atkinson b Niaz Ali737--18.91
Vinoo Tewarie c James Atkinson b Nizakat Khan4695-148.42
Timothy Gruijters* c James Atkinson b Irfan Ahmed2225-162.85
Philip van den Brandeler c James Atkinson b Aditya Kanthan13--33.33
Tobias Visee+ run out0---0.0
Quirijn Gunning c †Waqas Barkat b Irfan Ahmed02--0.0
Thomas Braat b Nizakat Khan9311-29.03
Lucas Brouwers c †Waqas Barkat b Aizaz Khan124--4.16
Paul van Meekeren not out522--22.72
Olivier Klaus b Aizaz Khan16--16.66
Extras: (b 2, lb 6, w 11, nb 0, pen 0)19
Total (from 45.5 overs): all out113

Fall of wickets: 1-14 (Mels Hartman), 2-19 (Dennis Coster), 3-63 (Timothy Gruijters), 4-67 (Philip van den Brandeler), 5-71 (Tobias Visee), 6-72 (Quirijn Gunning), 7-94 (Thomas Braat), 8-104 (Vinoo Tewarie), 9-109 (Lucas Brouwers), 10-113 (Olivier Klaus).

Bowling: Niaz Ali 7-2-9-2, Aizaz Khan 7.5-2-12-2 (5w), Aditya Kanthan 10-1-32-1 (3w), Irfan Ahmed 8-0-23-2 (2w), Nizakat Khan 8-1-21-2, Ashish Gadhia 5-0-8-0 (1w).

Powerplays: 1-10 overs.

Innings of: Hong Kong Under-19 (target 114 from 50 overs)RunsBalls4s6sS/R
James Atkinson* c †Tobias Visee b Olivier Klaus02--0.0
Shivang Baid c & b Lucas Brouwers12231-52.17
Nizakat Khan c Paul van Meekeren b Timothy Gruijters11231-47.82
Irfan Ahmed c Timothy Gruijters b Vinoo Tewarie29331287.87
Ashish Gadhia c & b Lucas Brouwers111--9.09
†Waqas Barkat c Timothy Gruijters b Lucas Brouwers418--22.22
Aizaz Khan lbw Lucas Brouwers012--0.0
Niaz Ali c Olivier Klaus b Vinoo Tewarie216--12.5
Asif Khan not out934--26.47
Zuiad Khan c †Tobias Visee b Vinoo Tewarie08--0.0
Aditya Kanthan lbw Philip van den Brandeler219--10.52
Extras: (b 0, lb 1, w 7, nb 3, pen 0)11
Total (from 34.2 overs): all out81

Fall of wickets: 1-0 (James Atkinson), 2-23 (Nizakat Khan), 3-60 (Shivang Baid), 4-62 (Ashish Gadhia), 5-64 (Irfan Ahmed), 6-66 (Aizaz Khan), 7-67 (Waqas Barkat), 8-71 (Niaz Ali), 9-72 (Zuiad Khan), 10-81 (Aditya Kanthan).

Bowling: Olivier Klaus 5-0-30-1 (2w, 1nb), Paul van Meekeren 2-0-14-0 (2w, 1nb), Timothy Gruijters 3-0-8-1 (1w, 1nb), Philip van den Brandeler 2.4-1-4-1, Lucas Brouwers 10-3-13-4, Vinoo Tewarie 10-3-11-3 (2w).

Powerplays: 1-10 overs.

Result: Netherlands Under-19 won by 32 runs

Player of the Match: Vinoo Tewarie (Netherlands Under-19)