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Because of ground availability, it will be necessary to start the Saturday Cup a little earlier than previously planned. The preliminary round will consist of 4 social sides and the bottom 6 sides of the Saturday League after last Saturday's games.

The draw for the preliminary and first round of the Saturday Cup will be made at the LCMC meeting at the KCC on Wednesday 9th March. The preliminary round games of the Cup will be played whenever possible, and will be completed no later than 28th March. Dates and venues will be advised after the draw has been made.

Winners of the preliminary round games and the remaining 11 Saturday League teams will enter the 1st round of the Cup, these games will be played on either 3rd or 5th April. Q/F's of the Cup and Plate will be played on 9th and 16th April, Semi Finals of the Cup and Plate on 23rd April and both finals on 30th April. Teams will be advised should these dates need to be changed.

Please see below the eligibility conditions for players entering the Saturday Cup.

Saturday Cup Rules

Entrants & Eligibility

1. a) The Saturday Cup Competition is open to all Saturday League teams. In addition, the LCMC may invite non-league sides to enter and may amend the Cup format at its discretion.

b) The format of the Saturday Cup and Plate Competitions shall be decided by the LCMC.

c) Teams must submit their player squad to the HKCA before the first round draw is made. No transfers or additions will be allowed without the prior approval of the MDC.

d) All players must have played at least one Saturday League match for the team they represent in the Cup during the current season. This rule may be waived for non-league sides. However, the MDC shall be the sole judge of the eligibility and/or appropriateness of any players entering the competition under the ‘non-league’ category.

e) Any team failing to submit its Cup squad before the published deadline will be required to ensure that all its players have played at least TWO SaturdayLeague games for the same team during the season before they are eligible to play in the Cup and have their inclusion pre-approved by the MDC.

Because of the short time before the draw, it will be assumed that a team's squad consists of those players that have represented the team at least twice this season. Should teams wish to make any changes then they must inform the HKCA office by 17:00hrs on Wednesday 9th March.

- Ron Brierly

Qualifying Round

Matches to be played by 28th March 2005

  • Islanders v YIFC (MR)
  • Mainlanders v Police (PTS)
  • Saracens v HKCC Taverners (KCC)
  • Sri Lanka Social Club CC v Laguna CC (PKVR-1)
  • HKU v CCC (HKU)
Saturday Cup - First Round
Saturday 2nd April
  • Kai Tak v Laguna CC (MR)
  • Islanders v Tartars (KCC)
  • Witherers v Police (PKVR-1)
  • Gap Ramblers v Saracens (PKVR-2)
  • Centaurs v HKU (HKU)

Tuesday 5th April

  • SubCont v Crusaders (KCC)
  • Lamma v Nomads (MR)
  • LSW Warriors are given a bye as
    St George's have withdrawn from the Cup
Saturday Cup - Quarter-finals

Saturday Plate - Quarter-finals

9th April 2005

  • LSW Warriors v Nomads (MR)
  • SubCont C.C. v Kai Tak (PKVR-1)
  • HKU v Saracens (HKU)
  • Police v Tartars (PTS)

9th April 2005

  • Laguna CC v Lamma CC (PKVR-2)

16th April 2005

  • Centaurs v Gap Ramblers (PKVR-2)
  • Islanders v Witherers - (PKVR-1)
  • Crusaders - Bye
Saturday Cup - Semi-finalsSaturday Plate - Semi-finals

16th April 2005

  • Police v Kai Tak (MR)

23rd April 2005

  • Saracens v LSW Warriors (KCC)

23rd April 2005

  • Witherers v Centaurs (MR)
  • Laguna CC v Crusaders (PKVR-1)
Saturday Cup - FinalSaturday Plate - Final

30th April 2005

  • Kai Tak v Saracens (MR)

30th April 2005

  • Laguna CC v Witherers (PKVR-1)

Qualifying Matches

At Mission Road (played 19.03.05): Islanders beat YIFC by 9 wkts (no details)

At PKVR1 (played 19.03.05): Laguna CC 270-4 (R Raganathan 45, Ravi D 30, Sandeep S 55, Siddarth 61) beat Sri Lanka CC 269-8 (N Peiris 152*, B Sinniah 39; Vikram 5-0-46-3) by 6 wkts (matched reduced to 30 overs per side)

At Mission Road (played 26.03.05): Police 360-6 (Nasir Hameed 208*, I Childs 68; Najeeb Amar 9-0-70-3) beat Mainlanders 173 (Najeeb Amar 106) by 187 runs

At HKU (played 26.03.05): HKU 210-6 (P Glenwright 43, Z Khan 60) beat CCC 204-7 (M Eames 38, N McDonald 41, B Wines 57; Nisar 7-0-31-3) by 6 runs

At KCC (played 28.03.05): Saracens 273-4 (N Shroff 102) beat HKCC Taverners 100 by 173 runs

First Round

At KCC (played 02.04.05): Tartars 128 (T R Kalyaraman 31; Nadeem 8.3-1-23-3, L Singh 6-2-20-4) beat Islanders 86 (A Bhat 9-3-28-6) by 42 runs

At PKVR1 (played 02.04.05): Police 202-8 (I Childs 41, D Ishtiaq 56*; F Bettridge 5-0-48-3) beat Witherers 171 (N Gavin-Brown 55, J Callow 33; Nasir Hameed 10-0-37-5) by 31 runs

At Mission Road (played 02.4.05): Kai Tak 270-7 (D Ellis 122, Mohsen Naqvi 30, R Ward 37*; Vikram 10-1-67-3) beat Laguna CC 248-8 (Sid 88, John 59*; B Morley 10-0-59-3) by 22 runs

At PKRV2 (played 02.04.05): Saracens 178-0 (R Sharma 77*, D Chaudhuri 89*) beat Gap Ramblers 174-8 (D Jayasekera 50, M Winstanley 34, A Terlich 30; R Sujanani 10-0-46-4) by 10 wkts

At HKU (played 02.04.05): HKU 294-5 (Butt Hussain 127, Martin Sabine 119*) beat Centaurs 179 (S Brammar 47, Iftikhar Ahmed 45; Raul Gomes 5-0-45-3, Butt Hussain 7-0-56-3) by 115 runs

At Mission Road (played 05.04.05): Nomads 196-2 (T Brown 94*, R Young 58*) beat Lamma 195-9 (J Seifman 77; M Jamieson 10-0-35-4) by 8 wkts

At KCC (played 05.04.05): SubCont 223-7 (T Burgess 71, Chandran 33*; M Cheruparambil 10-0-53-4) beat Crusaders 222-5 (M Cheruparambil 40, D Kelleher 70, T Johnson 34*) by 3 wkts

Saturday Cup - Quarter -Finals

At HKU (played 09.04.05): Saracens 267-5 (R Sharma 112, D Chaudhuri 62, R Sujanani 34) beat HKU 267-9 (Butt Hussain 88, B Wilson 39, Khalid Qureshi 44; R Sharma 10-0-73-5) by losing fewer wickets

At PTS (played 09.04.05): Police 182-6 (C Walton 43, Nasir Hameed 38, I Childs 49) beat Tartars 149 (Farooq Saeed 49, Afzaal Haider 34; Mohmd Ozair 10-1-28-3) by 33 runs

At PKVR1 (played 09.04.05): Kai Tak 297-6 (S Campbell 61, M Brown 41, T Patidar 48, C Williams 77*) beat SubCont 159 (Ravi 48, G Balakrishnan 40; D Belcastro 8-0-26-3) by 138 runs

At Mission Road (played 09.04.05): LSW Warriors 228 (Mohanna Marzook 49, Sakhawat Ali 61, Raju 33) beat Nomads 222-8 (M Garwood 55, T Brown 44, A Goodman 38) by 6 runs

Saturday Plate - Quarter-Finals

At PKVR2 (played 09.04.05) Laguna CC 157-4 (Shan 32, Shekhaq 41*) beat Lamma 156 (I Beck 69; Bharat 2.1-0-6-4) by 6 wkts

At PKVR1 (played 16.04.05) Witherers beat Islanders by wallkover

At PKVR2 (played 16.04.05): Centaurs 256-3 (Imran Idrees 152*, B Dickinson 45*) beat Gap Ramblers 205 (P Winchcomb 41, C Wood 48; Iftikhar Ahmed 9-0-60-3, Imran Idrees 3-0-43-3) by 51 runs

Saturday Cup - Semi-Finals

At Mission Road (played 16.04.05): Kai Tak 214-7 (A Gunthorpe 94, B Morley 31; Nasir Hameed 10-0-56-4) beat Police 150 (Nasir Hameed 79, K Hale 50; B Morley 7-3-27-3) by 64 runs

At KCC (played 23.04.05): Saracens 103-4 (D Chaudhuri 38, R Sharma 40; Mohanna Marzook 4-1-11-4) beat LSW Warriors 102 (Munir Dar 40; R Sujanani 10-2-29-3, Y Vachha 5.5-0-13-3) by 6 wkts

Saturday Plate - Semi-Finals

At Mission Road (played 23.04.05): Witherers 179 (R Bettridge 39, V Karnani 54, I Farrar 37; Iftikhar Ahmed 8-1-27-4) beat Centaurs 177-7 (S Sibraa 71; Adrian Waters 9-2-36-3) by 2 runs

At PKVR1 (played 23.04.05): Laguna CC beat Crusaders by walkover

Saturday Cup - Final

At Mission Road (played 30.04.05): Kai Tak 246-9 (S Campbell 41, T Patidar 44, M Brown 52, Mohsen Naqvi 45*; R Boghani 10-0-105-4) beat Saracens 184 (D Chaudhuri 80; C Beattie 6-0-36-3; C Williams 8-0-53-3) by 62 runs

Saturday Plate - Final

At PKVR1 (played 30.04.05): Laguna 200 (Anand 36; A Waters 6-0-42-3) beat Witherers 159 (N Gavin-Brown 44, S Mehta 45; Anand 7-0-55-4) by 41 runs