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FairBreak Global launches world first invitational women’s cricket T20 tournament

26日 11月

Global women’s initiative, FairBreak Global, is proud to announce a world-first Invitational Women’s Cricket T20 tournament looking to be staged in Hong Kong in January 2022, in conjunction with Cricket Hong Kong, the National Cricket Association of Hong Kong.

As the first privately funded tournament of its type, this event marks significant progress in the development of women’s cricket. FairBreak will bring together players recruited from all corners of the globe to participate in six teams.

“This is an exciting time for everyone who is part of the FairBreak movement. We have worked diligently with all vested parties to ensure our tournament will deliver a quality event and experience, true to our ‘Pure Sport’ ethos. The tournament will not only drive opportunity for all players, but also support our CSR partner, SolarBuddy, in helping end energy poverty,” says Shaun Martyn, FairBreak Founder.

Tony Melloy, Chairman of Cricket Hong Kong says, “Cricket Hong Kong is delighted to have the opportunity to bring top cricketers to Hong Kong. We are working closely with the ICC to ensure all required standards are met to host a successful international women’s event.”

As part of FairBreak’s continuing commitment to equality and opportunity, a conference exploring these themes will also be held as part of the two-week tournament.

CEO and Managing Director of Gencor, the lead sponsors of FairBreak, R. V. Venkatesh says, “We’re excited to partner with Fairbreak to support an excellent event that will bring together top cricketers from all parts of the world. It provides a platform for women from associate nations to play with full member nation players and showcase their talents to the cricketing world. This will help develop Women’s Cricket worldwide and serve as a launching pad for aspiring women’s cricketers all around the world to aim high.”

“This FairBreak tournament will be a huge stepping stone for associate nation cricketers to be playing alongside some of the world’s greatest international female cricketers. What a fantastic opportunity!” says Mariko Hill, Hong Kong national team player and past captain, and FairBreak player.