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Revised fixtures are shown in italics.

2009-10 HKCA Saturday League - Fixtures & Results
DateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResult
19-Sep-09Millennium CCvsKCC SaracensKCCSaracens won by 18 runs
19-Sep-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsSCC LancersHKCCLancers won by 6 wkts
26-Sep-09KCC TartarsvsHKCC NomadsKCCNomads won by superior run-rate
26-Sep-09HKCC WitherersvsMainlandersHKCCWitherers won by 166 runs
03-Oct-09Police CCvsLSW St George'sPTCPolice won by 66 runs
03-Oct-09Laguna Gully CCvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKCCGap Ramblers won by 178 runs
03-Oct-09MainlandersvsHong Kong UniversityHKUHKU won by 10 wkts
03-Oct-09Millennium CCvsKCC TartarsKCCTartars won by 25 runs
10-Oct-09Centaurs CCvsPolice CCPTCPolice won by 76 runs
10-Oct-09LSW WarriorsvsHong Kong UniversityHKULSW Warriors won by 91 runs
10-Oct-09HKCC NomadsvsKai Tak CCHKCCNomads won by 5 wkts
10-Oct-09KCC SaracensvsKCC CrusadersKCCSaracens won by 2 wkts
17-Oct-09Centaurs CCvsHKCC WitherersHKCCWitherers won by 113 runs
17-Oct-09HKCC NomadsvsHong Kong UniversityHKUNomads won by 5 runs
17-Oct-09KCC CrusadersvsLaguna Gully CCKCCCrusaders won by 50 runs
17-Oct-09LSW WarriorsvsLSW St George'sMRLSW St George's won by 26 runs
24-Oct-09MainlandersvsKCC SaracensMRSaracens won by 242 runs
24-Oct-09HKCC WitherersvsLaguna Gully CCHKCCWitherers won by 75 runs
24-Oct-09Hong Kong UniversityvsMillennium CCHKUHKU won by 6 wkts
07-Nov-09KCC SaracensvsHKCC NomadsKCCNomads won by 18 runs
07-Nov-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsHKCC WitherersHKCCGap Ramblers won by 30 runs
07-Nov-09Pakistan ClubvsHong Kong UniversityHKUHKU won by 1 wkt
07-Nov-09Lamma CCvsLaguna Gully CCKai TakLaguna Gully won by 7 wkts
07-Nov-09Police CCvsMillennium CCPTCResult in dispute - referred to MDC
07-Nov-09LSW St George'svsSCC LancersMRLSW St George's won by 137 runs
14-Nov-09KCC SaracensvsLaguna Gully CCKCCLaguna gully won by 13 runs
14-Nov-09Hong Kong UniversityvsLamma CCHKUHKU won by 2 wkts
14-Nov-09LSW St George'svsMillennium CCMRMillennium won by 75 runs
14-Nov-09Kai Tak CCvsPakistan ClubKai TakPakistan Club won by 26 runs
14-Nov-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsMainlandersHKCCGap Ramblers won by 235 runs
21-Nov-09Centaurs CCvsMainlandersKai TakCentaurs won by 90 runs
21-Nov-09LSW St George'svsHong Kong UniversityHKUHKU won by 6 wkts
21-Nov-09KCC TartarsvsKCC CrusadersKCCCrusaders won by 8 wkts
21-Nov-09LSW WarriorsvsLamma CCMRLamma won by 4 wkts
21-Nov-09Police CCvsPakistan ClubPTCPakistan Club won by walk-over
28-Nov-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsKai Tak CCHKCCMatch tied
28-Nov-09Craigengower CCvsSCC LancersKai TakLancers won by 61 runs
28-Nov-09KCC CrusadersvsHKCC NomadsKCCNomads won by 28 runs
28-Nov-09Laguna Gully CCvsLSW St George'sMRSt George's won by 121 runs
05-Dec-09HKCC NomadsvsCraigengower CCHKCCNomads won by 191 runs
05-Dec-09LSW St George'svsKCC SaracensKai TakSaracens won by 6 runs
12-Dec-09Hong Kong UniversityvsCentaurs CCHKUHKU won by 144 runs
12-Dec-09Millennium CCvsLamma CCKai TakLamma won by 40 runs
12-Dec-09MainlandersvsPakistan ClubMRPakistan Club won by 195 runs
19-Dec-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsKCC CrusadersHKCCCrusaders won by 19 runs
19-Dec-09Craigengower CCvsMillennium CCKai TakMillennium won by 76 runs
19-Dec-09LSW St George'svsKCC TartarsKCCSt George's won by 32 runs
19-Dec-09Lamma CCvsCentaurs CCMRLamma won by 78 runs
09-Jan-10Craigengower CCvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKCCCCC won by 8 wkts
09-Jan-10MainlandersvsLSW WarriorsKai TakWarriors won by 72 runs
09-Jan-10Millennium CCvsKCC CrusadersKCCCrusaders won by 6 wkts
09-Jan-10Lamma CCvsKai Tak CCMRKai Tak won by 115 runs
16-Jan-10HKCC NomadsvsLaguna Gully CCHKCCNomads won by 6 wkts
16-Jan-10MainlandersvsKCC TartarsKai TakTartars won by 8 wkts
16-Jan-10KCC SaracensvsLamma CCKCCSaracens won by 9 wkts
16-Jan-10LSW WarriorsvsCentaurs CCMRWarriors won by 3 wkts
16-Jan-10Police CCvsCraigengower CCPTCCCC won by 30 runs
23-Jan-10HKCC NomadsvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKCCGap Ramblers won by 8 wkts
23-Jan-10Hong Kong UniversityvsSCC LancersHKUHKU won by 128 runs
23-Jan-10Pakistan ClubvsCentaurs CCKai TakPakistan Club won by 8 wkts
23-Jan-10KCC TartarsvsLaguna Gully CCKCCTartars won by 28 runs
23-Jan-10LSW WarriorsvsCraigengower CCMRCCC won by 5 wkts
23-Jan-10Police CCvsKCC SaracensPTCSaracens won by 6 wkts
30-Jan-10HKCC WitherersvsPakistan ClubHKCCPakistan Club won by 100 runs
30-Jan-10SCC LancersvsLSW WarriorsKai TakWarriors won by 5 wkts
30-Jan-10Craigengower CCvsLSW St George'sMRSt George's won by 5 wkts
30-Jan-10Lamma CCvsPolice CCPTCLamma won by 65 runs
06-Feb-10SCC LancersvsHKCC NomadsHKCCNomads won by 54 runs
06-Feb-10Hong Kong UniversityvsCraigengower CCHKUHKU won by 9 wkts
06-Feb-10Kai Tak CCvsMillennium CCKai TakKai Tak won by 92 runs
06-Feb-10KCC TartarsvsCentaurs CCKCCTartars won by 107 runs
06-Feb-10LSW St George'svsHKCC WitherersMRSt George's won by 3 wkts
06-Feb-10Laguna Gully CCvsPolice CCPTCPostponed
13-Feb-10Pakistan ClubvsCraigengower CCKai TakPakistan Club won by 30 runs
13-Feb-10Lamma CCvsSCC LancersMRLamma won by 35 runs
13-Feb-10Police CCvsKai Tak CCPTCKai Tak won by 70 runs
20-Feb-10HKCC WitherersvsHKCC NomadsHKCCWitherers won by 5 wkts
20-Feb-10Lamma CCvsHKCC Gap RamblersKai TakGap Ramblers won by 5 wkts
20-Feb-10KCC CrusadersvsLSW WarriorsKCCLSW Warriors won by 7 runs
20-Feb-10SCC LancersvsPakistan ClubMRPakistan Club won by 9 wkts
27-Feb-10SCC LancersvsHKCC WitherersHKCCLancers won by 3 wkts
27-Feb-10Centaurs CCvsKai Tak CCKai TakKai Tak won by 6 wkts
27-Feb-10KCC TartarsvsCraigengower CCKCCTartars won by 101 runs
27-Feb-10Laguna Gully CCvsMainlandersMRLaguna Gully won by 4 wkts
06-Mar-10Millennium CCvsHKCC WitherersHKCCWitherers won by walk-over
06-Mar-10Kai Tak CCvsLSW WarriorsKai TakLSW Warriors won by 186 runs
06-Mar-10Pakistan ClubvsKCC TartarsKCCTartars won by 70 runs
06-Mar-10SCC LancersvsKCC CrusadersMRCrusaders won by 71 runs
13-Mar-10HKCC WitherersvsKCC CrusadersHKCCCrusaders won by 83 runs
13-Mar-10Pakistan ClubvsLSW WarriorsKai TakPakistan Club won by 94 runs
13-Mar-10KCC SaracensvsKCC TartarsKCCTartars won by 12 runs
13-Mar-10Kai Tak CCvsMainlandersMRKai Tak won by 278 runs
20-Mar-10Kai Tak CCvsKCC SaracensKai TakKai Tak won by 208 runs
20-Mar-10Centaurs CCvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKCCGap Ramblers won by 24 runs
20-Mar-10KCC CrusadersvsPolice CCPTCCrusaders won by 135 runs
2009-10 HKCA Saturday League - PLAY-OFFS
DateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResult
10-Apr-101st - Pakistan Clubvs4th - KCC CrusadersMRPakistan Club won by 19 runs
10-Apr-102nd - Hong Kong Universityvs3rd - HKCC NomadsHKUNomads won by 78 runs
10-Apr-105th - Kai Tak CCvs8th - LSW WarriorsKai TakKai Tak won by 6 wkts
10-Apr-106th - HKCC Gap Ramblersvs7th - LSW St George'sHKCCGap Ramblers won by 7 wkts
17-Apr-10KCC CrusadersvsHKCC Gap RamblersKCCCrusaders won by 8 wkts
17-Apr-10Hong Kong UniversityvsKai Tak CCHKUHKU won by 1 wkt
24-Apr-10Pakistan ClubvsHong Kong UniversityKai TakPakistan Club won by 34 runs
24-Apr-10HKCC NomadsvsKCC CrusadersHKCCCrusaders won by 77 runs
01-May-10Pakistan ClubvsKCC CrusadersKCCMatch tied