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HK’s newest cricket competition -the Friday Masters League- starts tomorrow!

Hong Kong’s newest cricket competition kicks off tomorrow, with the Kai Tak Longstops playing the Hong Kong Jockey Club in the opening game of the Friday Master’s League!

The Friday Master’s League is a CHK sanctioned event, organized and run by the historic Lamma Cricket Club. All matches take place on Fridays, primarily at Gin Drinkers Bay in the afternoons, and the rules include bonus points for fielding players that are older than 45 (1 point), 60 (2 points), female (1 point) and born in Hong Kong (1 point). Teams will play 35-over a side matches, following Saturday Championship League rules for the most part. However, there are also bonus points on offer for both teams if the second innings goes past 31st over, therefore discouraging sides from chasing a quick win and encouraging longer matches with more opportunities for everyone to get involved.

Participants in this competition include the Hong Kong Jockey Club and Kowloon Rugby Legends, both of which are taking part in a formally organized cricket league for the first time ever. Kai Tak CC bring their decades of league cricket experience to the competition, while The Knights have competed in the social cricket scene in Hong Kong for several years now. Rounding off the competition are relative newcomers Vikings CC, who are also making their first appearance in the CHK Challenge League this season.

All games will be live scored on CricHQ, and will be played in accordance with the CHK COVID-19 Match Day Guidelines and CHK Code of Conduct.