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Cricket the winner in inaugural Junior Cricket Sixes tournament for schools

21 May 2017

The first students to come through the Junior Cricket Sixes (JCS) programme tested their skills and got a taste of competitive cricket in the inaugural tournament at PKVR Ground.

A total of 180 kids across seven schools have participated in JCS, which is a tailored course in Cantonese for kids 6-12, who a new to the sport.

The tournament saw 120 of those kids from six of the seven schools compete. They included PLK Fung Ching Memorial Primary School, SKH St James Primary School, Shek Lei Catholic Primary School, Tsz Wan Shan Catholic Primary School, North Point Government Primary School (Cloudview Road), SKH Holy Cross Primary School.

Cricket Hong Kong Development coordinator Lucita Lai, who organised the tournament said the programme's success had been reaffirmed by the decision of all who participated to re-sign for the next school year.

“It was definitely a success from our point of view," Lai said.

“We were impressed that so many kids picked bowling as well as they did and they learnt when to run and not run which means they understand the game and know the rules."

“Cricket is so much about tactics and the kids learnt about the penalties of wide balls and the negative runs applied if they lost wickets, so they were doing the maths as the game went on and got to understand that strategic part of the game which was really pleasing.

“All the schools have signed up again for the next school year, which is great and hopefully we can get more teams from each school that we do have.”

“They've all been very supportive.”

Although the end result was not the most important component of the day, for the record it was the Shek Lei school who emerged victorious after defeating Fung Ching who went through the group stage undefeated.

Fitting for Hong Kong, the format played was Sixes cricket with all kids batting and bowling and equal amount of time and plenty of gaps in the modified field for big hits.

Kids displayed good skills and had clearly picked up a good grasp of the game in the 18-week programme that also encompassed field trips to Hong Kong home matches.

“I think one of the things that they enjoyed was that it was more than just cricket at school. They came to the Netherlands and PNG series so they could see cricket and the Hong Kong team play,” Lai said.

“So we’ve built the awareness as well that cricket is played at a high level right here in Hong Kong."

Kids who enjoy the programme are also given the opportunity to participate in the Junior Cricket Sixes Academy, which are free sessions run at Craigengower Cricket Club on a Friday afternoon.

For more information about participating in the Junior Sixes programme, contact Lucita Lai

To support this free programme become even bigger, become a JCS sponsor. Contact Max Abbott