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HKCA Saturday Cup/Plate (Twenty20 Format ) - News & Announcements

[16.03.2007] Of the teams that indicated their willingness to enter the Saturday Plate, only two teams – St George's and Nomads – are definitely in the draw.

Should either SCC Vampires or Centaurs lose their 1st Round games this coming Saturday then they will both join them in the draw which will be made by me at the HKCA office on Monday 23rd April.

If both SCC Vampires and Centaurs win and qualify for the next round of the Cup, then the Plate Final will be played between Nomads and St George’s on 28th April at a venue to be decided.

If only one team from Vampires and Centaurs qualifies for the Plate then I will again do the draw on 23rd April with the first two teams out of the hat playing on 28th April with the winner meeting the third team in the final on 5th May. If all four teams are in the hat then the first semi will be on 28th April, the second on 5th May with the final on 12th May.

[28.03.2007] For the purposes of the Saturday Cup draw we have found it necessary to work on the league positions as of 25th March. Although there are still 2 outstanding league fixtures which could conceivably change the final positions, we have no firm date on which to play these games and we need to start the Saturday Cup as soon as possible.

The draw for the Saturday Cup is a fixed one, and a copy of the draw is attached for your information.

This season the Plate will be an optional competition. Please let me know by 12:00hrs on Wednesday 4th April if you wish to be entered into the Plate should you be eliminated in the 1st Round of the Cup. If I do not hear from you then I will assume that you do not wish to be entered. Please note that those teams failing to qualify for the 1st Round proper of the Cup are not eligible for the Plate.

The 4 qualifying games will be played on 7th April. These are:-

G.1 - Police v Aryans (PTC)
G.2 - Centaurs v CCC (MR)
G.3 - Mainlanders v Saracens (PKVR-1)
G.4 - HKU v Nanda Indus (HKU)

The 1st Round draw will then be as follows with games to be played as indicated:-

G.5 - LSW Warriors v MCC St George’s (MR) - 14th April
G.6 - Gap Ramblers v G.4 - (TBA)
G.7 - HK U19’s v G.3 - (TBA)
G.8 - Crusaders v Lamma (KCC) - 14th April
G.9 - Witherers v Tartars (HKCC) - 14th April
G.10 - G.1 v SCC Vampires (TBA)
G.11 - G.2 v Kai Tak (TBA)
G.12 - Laguna Gully v Nomads (PKVR-1) - 14th April

The TBA’s will be confirmed once the qualifying games have been played.

Ron Brierly

HKCA Saturday Cup/Plate (Twenty20 Format ) - Fixtures
HKCA Saturday Cup (Twenty20 Format)



Qualifying Round


Police v Aryans

G207.04.07Centaurs v CCCMR
G307.04.07Mainlanders v SaracensPKVR1
G407.04.07HKU v Nanda IndusHKU
Saturday Cup First Round
G514.04.07LSW Warriors v St George’sMR
G714.04.07HK Under-19s v SaracensPKVR2
G814.04.07Crusaders v LammaKCC
G914.04.07Witherers v TartarsHKCC
G1214.04.07Laguna Gully v NomadsPKVR1
G1021.04.07Aryans v SCC VampiresPKVR1
G1121.04.07Centaurs v Kai TakMR
G621.04.07Gap Ramblers v Nanda IndusHKCC
Saturday Cup Quater-Finals
G1421.04.07HK Under-19s v CrusadersKCC
G1328.04.07LSW Warriors v Gap RamblersPKVR1
G1528.04.07Witherers v AryansHKCC
G1628.04.07Kai Tak v Laguna GullyMR
Saturday Cup Semi-Finals
05.05.07Crusaders v LSW WarriorsKCC
05.05.07Witherers v Laguna GullyMR
Saturday Cup FINAL
12.05.07Crusaders v Laguna GullyKCC
HKCA Saturday Plate (Twenty20 Format)


Saturday Plate Semi-Finals
28.04.07St George’s v NomadsPKVR2
05.05.07Centaurs v SCC VampiresPKVR1
Saturday Plate FINAL
12.05.07SCC Vampires v St George'sMR
HKCA Saturday Cup 2007 (Twenty20 Format ) - Results

Qualifying Round

At MR (played 07.04.07): CCC 132-9 (Mukhtar Ahmed 37; Suresh 4-0-37-3) lost to Centaurs 135-4 (Neel 89*) by 6 wkts

At HKU (played 07.04.07): Nanda Indus 257-5 (Ranjit 30, Ricky 69, Liaquat 41*) beat HKU 123-9 (Amarjeet Singh 3-0-24-3) by 134 runs

At PTS (played 07.04.07): Aryans beat Police by walk-over

At KCC (played 09.04.07): Saracens 204-4 (Rahul Sharma 105, Matt Collins 49) beat Mainlanders 142-4 (Lovepreet Singh 59) by 73 runs

First Round

At MR (played 14.04.07): LSW Warriors 186-4 (Zain Abbas 48, Tabarak Dar 100) beat St George’s 162-7 (Vaibhav Totlav 29) by 24 runs

At HKCC (played 14.04.07): Tartars 163-7 (Farooq Saeed 42; Adrian Waters 4-0-32-3) lost to Witherers 164-5 (Phil Pemberton 83) by 5 wkts

At PKVR2 (played 14.04.07): Saracens 185-5 (Rahul Sharma 99, Matt Collins 46) lost to HK U19’s 189-2 (Shakeel 61*, Irfan Ahmed 81) by 8 wkts

At PKVR1 (played 14.04.07): Nomads 125-9 (William Fairclough 31; Pranav Shah 4-0-23-3, Sid Vallath 3-0-28-3) lost to Laguna Gully 127-2 (P Mehta 30, Ravi Desai 52*) by 8 wkts

At KCC (played 14.04.07): Crusaders 234-4 (Anthony Barnett 136) beat Lamma 158 (Sher Lama 37; Mohanna Marzook 3-0-14-3) by 76 runs

At HKCC (played 21.04.07): Nanda Indus 147 (Ranjit 54; Mark Winstanley 4-0-24-5) lost to Gap Ramblers 148-8 (Jeremy Collard 45, Matt Thwaites 45; Asif 4-0-32-5) by 2 wkts

At MR (played 21.04.07): Kai Tak 225-5 (James Barrington 90, Tiku Patidar 33, Dave Ellis 32) beat Centaurs 70 (Chris Williams 3-0-9-3, Brad Haskett 4-0-11-3) by 155 runs

At PKVR1 (played 21.04.07): Aryans beat SCC Vampires (no details)


At KCC (played 21.04.07): Crusaders 161 (Mohanna Marzook 51, Rob Taylor 31; Irfan Ahmed 4-0-22-4) beat Hong Kong Under-19’s 94 by 62 runs

At PKVR1 (played 28.04.07): LSW Warriors 172-6 (Munir Dar 60) beat Gap Ramblers 137 (Gittens 47; Zain Abbas 4-0-19-3, Ilyas Gul 4-0-11-3) by 35 runs

At HKCC (played 28.04.07): Witherers 243-3 (Mark Fuzes 134*, Hugo Davison 82) beat Aryans 113 (Sean Robson 4-0-23-4, Richard Norris 3-0-15-3) by 130 runs

At MR (played 28.04.07): Kai Tak178-8 (Malcolm Brown 36, Stephen Campbell 32, Tiku Patidar 49; Siddarth Vallath 4-0-39-4) lost to Laguna Gully 181-2 (Virendra Dhir 50*, Ravi Desai 71, A Desai 39*) by 8 wkts


Saturday Cup

At KCC (played 05.05.07): Crusaders 143-6 (Manoj Cheruparambil 68, Ray Brewster 44) beat LSW Warriors 134-8 by 9 runs

At MR (played 05.05.07): Witherers 120 (Anand Ramaswamy 4-0-32-3) lost to Laguna Gully 122-9 (Pranav Shah 46*; Mark Fuzes 4-0-8-3) by 1 wkt

Saturday Plate

At PKVR1 (played 50.05.07): SCC Vampires 162-8 (P Chandrasekhar 47, G Prashanth 44; Keith Frith 4-0-29-4) beat Centaurs 142-7 (Keith Hemshall 30, Keith Frith 42; P Chandrasekhar 4-0-17-3) by 20 runs


Saturday Cup

At KCC (played 12.05.07): Crusaders 190-5 (Anthony Barnet 33, Damian Kelleher 68, Manoj Cheruparambil 44) beat Laguna Gully 156-10 (Pranav Shah 62; Manoj Cheruparambil 4-0-17-4) by 34 runs

Saturday Plate

St George’s 153 (Ayub Khan 30; Gopal Balakrishna 4-0-28-3) beat SCC Vampires 129-9 (Tanmay Biju 47) by 24 runs

HKCA Saturday Cup/Plate (Twenty20 Format ) - Honours Board
100 Club
Anthony Barnet136CrusadersLammaKCC14.04.2007
Mark Fuzes134*WitherersAryansHKCC28.04.2007
Rahul Sharma105SaracensMainlandersKCC14.04.2007
Tabark Dar100LSW WarriorsSt George'sMR14.04.2007
5+ Wickets
Mark Winstanley4-0-24-5Gap RamblersNanda IndusHKCC21.04.2007
Asif4-0-32-5Nanda IndusGap RamblersHKCC21.04.2007
HKCA Saturday Cup/Plate (Twenty20 Format ) - Rules



Twenty20 Rules Downloadable Version [PDF 82KB]

Playing Conditions

The Laws of Cricket (2000 Code 2nd edition - 2003) and HKCA Saturday League Rules shall apply, with the following exceptions:


The match will consist of one innings per side, each innings being limited to a maximum of 20 overs. A minimum of 5 overs per team shall constitute a match.

Hours of Play and Intervals

  • First Innings 2pm to 3.30pm (1 hour 30 minutes)
  • Interval 3.30pm to 3.40pm (10 minutes)
  • Second Innings 3.40pm to 5.10pm (1 hour 30 minutes)

(a) Interval Between Innings - If the innings of the team batting first is completed prior to the scheduled time for the Interval, the Interval shall take place immediately and the Innings of the team batting second will commence correspondingly earlier.

(b) Intervals for Drinks - No drinks intervals are permitted.

Length of Innings

In an uninterrupted match (ie. The match is neither delayed nor interrupted):

Each team shall bat for 20 overs unless all out earlier.

The second innings shall consist of the same number of overs as the first (unless the team fielding first shall have failed to complete their overs without good cause in the first innings, or if the match is of restricted duration).

If, without good cause, the bowling side fails to complete 20 overs within the scheduled time, the innings shall be extended until 20 overs are completed and the second innings restricted to the number of overs completed at the scheduled time. The over in progress at the scheduled time shall count as a completed

If, without good cause, the team fielding second fails to bowl the required number of overs, without good cause, by the scheduled close of play, the game will conclude and the result decided by net run rate (as per Saturday League rules). The facts are to be reported to the MDC

Before the match, Captains shall agree on the clock or watch to be followed during the match. No bowler may bowl more than 4 overs in an innings.

Restricted Matches

In order to achieve a result in a match delayed or interrupted by adverse conditions of weather, ground, light or other good cause beyond the teams’ control, the following procedures apply:

a) If the first innings is delayed or interrupted on one or more occasions, two overs shall be deducted from the original 40 for every four minutes (or part thereof) lost, i.e. one over deducted from each innings.

b) The second innings shall consist of the same number of overs as the first. If the second innings is not completed for any reason other than that of a result already being achieved, the game will be decided on run rate provided that the minimum 5 overs have been completed.

To constitute a match, a minimum of 5 overs have to be bowled to the team batting second subject to the innings not being completed earlier. The team batting second shall not bat for a greater number of overs than the first team unless the latter completed its innings in less than its allocated overs.

In all reduced overs matches the fielding team will be given one overs leeway in addition to any time that the Umpires might allow for stoppages.

Restrictions on the Placement of Fieldsmen

At the instant of delivery there shall not be more than five fieldsmen on the leg side. For the full duration of each innings there must be 4 fielders within the fielding restriction circle (ie 30 meters from each middle stump) at the instant of delivery, otherwise a ‘no ball’ (no free hit) shall be called by the umpire.

Number of Overs Per Bowler

No bowler may bowl more than 4 overs, however in a delayed start or interrupted match, where the overs are reduced for both sides or for the side bowling second, no bowler may bowl more than one-fifth of the total overs allowed (unless such a number has been exceeded before the interruption), except that where the total overs are not divisible by five, an additional over shall be allowed to the minimum number of bowlers necessary to make up the balance.

e.g. after 8 overs, rain interrupts play and the innings is reduced to 12 overs. Both opening bowlers have bowled 4 overs. Two bowlers can bowl 3 overs and three bowlers can bowl 2. Bowlers 1 and 2 have already exceeded this limit. They count as the two bowlers who were allowed the extra over (3 as opposed to 2) and so any other bowlers are limited to 2 overs.

When an interruption occurs mid-over and on resumption the bowler has exceeded the new maximum allocation, he will be allowed to finish the incompleted over.

In the event of a bowler breaking down and being unable to complete an over, the remaining balls will be bowled by another bowler. Such part of an over will count as a full over only in so far as each bowler's limit is concerned.

Bowling Procedure

Overs are to be bowled in 5 over blocks alternating between ends (ie overs 1 to 5 are bowled from one end, then overs 6 to 10 from the other end etc). At the end of each over, only the two batsman and two umpires change ends. Apart from normal field position changes, the fieldsman only change after each 5 over block. At the end of each 5 over block, the batsman and umpires remain at the same

Law 24.12 - No Ball - Penalty

Normal HKCA rules on No balls will apply except that the penalty for a No ball will be 2 runs.

Free Hit after a Foot Fault No Ball

The delivery following a no ball called for a foot fault (Law 24.5) shall be a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it. If the delivery for the free hit is not a legitimate delivery (any kind of no ball or a wide ball), then the next delivery will become a free hit for whichever batsman is facing it. For any free hit, the striker can be dismissed only under the circumstances that apply for a no ball (eg run out), even if the delivery for the free hit is called wide ball. Field changes are permitted for free hit deliveries.

Law 31 - Timed Out

Law 31 will apply except that the incoming batsman must be in position to take guard or for his partner to be ready to receive the next ball within 1 minute 30 seconds of the fall of the previous wicket. The incoming batsman is expected to be ready to make his way to the wicket immediately a wicket falls, and is expected to jog to the wicket.

Tied and Drawn matches

In the event of a tied or drawn match the result will be decided by:

1. the team losing the fewest number of wickets shall be the winner;
2. a “bowl off” between 3 bowlers from each side bowling 2 deliveries each (6 balls) at the stumps. The following shall apply in the event of a ‘bowl off’:-
a. The same suitably acceptable ball will be used by both teams. If this ball becomes wet, it may be changed subject to the umpires’ approval.
b. If a bowler bowls a ‘no ball’ it will count as one of his two deliveries but will not count towards the score of the team (ie if a wicket is achieved it will not count).
c. The three cricketers to take part in the ‘bowl off’ must be selected from the original 11 cricketers named on the team sheet.
d. Each side will appoint a wicket-keeper to stand behind the wicket but out of reach of the stumps.
e. The team who ‘hits’ the stumps on the most occasions wins the match. If both teams have scored the same number of ‘hits’ after all three bowlers have bowled, the remaining players (ie not the 3 bowlers already used) in each team will alternately bowl one delivery until a ‘winner’ is determined by ‘sudden death.’

23rd March 2007