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Kowloon Side: KCC = Kowloon Cricket Club, MR = Mission Road, PKVR = Po Kong Village Road
Hong Kong Island Side: HKCC = Hong Kong Cricket Club, HKU = Sandy Bay, PTC = Police Training College

Home TeamvAway TeamVenueResult
16th September 2007 (Round 1)
OptimistsvVagabondsHKCCOptimists won by 6 wkts
Pakistan AssociationvMillenniumMRMillennium won by 1 wkt
Little Sai WanvSri Lanka CCPKVR1Little Sai Wan won by 10 wkts
Bye: KCC, Scorpions, Wanderers
23rd September 2007 (Round 2)
ScorpionsvMillenniumHKCCScorpions won by 5 wkts
OptimistsvKCCKCCOptimists won by 28 runs
VagabondsvLittle Sai WanMRLittel Sai Wan won by 218 runs
Sri Lanka CCvPakistan AssociationPKVR1Pakistan Association won by 173 runs
Bye: Wanderers
30th September 2007 (Round 3)
ScorpionsvVagabondsHKCCScorpions won by 9 wkts
Sri Lanka CCvWanderersMRWanderers won by 10 wkts
MillenniumvKCCPKVR1Millennium won by 76 runs
Bye: Little Sai Wan, Pakistan Association, Optimists
7th October 2007 (Round 4)
VagabondsvOptimistsHKCCOptimists won by 3 wkts
Sri Lanka CCvScorpionsMRScorpions won by 163 runs
Little Sai WanvMillenniumPKVR1Tied result
Bye: KCC, Pakistan Association, Wanderers
14th October 2007 (Round 5)
WanderersvMillenniumHKCCMillennium won by 54 runs
Pakistan AssociationvLittle Sai WanMRLittle Sai Wan won by 112 runs
VagabondsvSri Lanka CCPKVR1Vagabonds won by 8 wkts
Bye: KCC, Optimists, Scorpions
21st October 2007 (Round 6)
Little Sai WanvVagabondsMRLittle Sai Wan won by 8 wkts
MillenniumvPakistan AssociationPKVR1Pakistan Association won by 6 wkts
Bye: Scorpions, Sri Lanka CC, Optimists, Wanderers, KCC
4th November 2007 (Round 7)
ScorpionsvPakistan AssociationHKCCPakistan Association won by 43 runs
VagabondsvKCCKCCKCC won by 186 runs
OptimistsvLittle Sai WanMRLittle Sai Wan won by 100 runs
MillenniumvSri Lanka CCPKVR1Millennium won by 9 wkts
Bye: Wanderers
11th November 2007 (Round 8)
KCCvLittle Sai WanKCCLittle Sai Wan won by 5 runs
MillinniumvVagabondsPKVR1Millennium won by 91 runs
Bye: Pakistan Association, Optimists, Wanderers, Scorpions, Sri Lanka CC
18th November 2007 (Round 9)
ScorpionsvWanderersHKCCScorpions won by 7 wkts
KCCvMillenniumKCCMillennium won by 6 wkts
VagabondsvPakistan AssociationPKVR1Pakistan Association won by 202 runs
Bye: Optimists, Sri Lanka CC, Little Sai Wan
25th November 2007 (Round 10)
WanderersvOptimistsHKCCOptimists won by 72 runs
Pakistan AssociationvSri Lanka CCMRPakistan Association won by 6 wkts
MillenniumvVagabondsPKVR1Millennium won by 174 runs
Bye: KCC, Scorpions, Little Sai Wan
9th December 2007 (Round 11)
WanderersvKCCHKCCWanderers won by 106 runs
OptimistsvScorpionsHKCCScorpions won by 197 runs
Pakistan AssociationvLittle Sai WanMRLittle Sai Wan won by 5 wkts
Bye: KCC, Wanderers, Millennium, Sri Lanka CC, Vagabonds
16th December 2007 (Round 12)
ScorpionsvOptimistsHKCCScorpions won by 6 wkts
Pakistan AssociationvWanderersMRWanderers won by 97 runs
Bye: KCC, Vagabonds, Millennium, Little Sai Wan, Sri Lanka CC
23rd December 2007 (Round 13)
VagabondsvWanderersHKCCWanderers won by 4 wkts
KCCvSri Lanka CCKCCKCC won by 128 runs
Little Sai WanvScorpionsMRLittle Sai Wan won by 7 wkts
Bye: Optimists, Pakistan Association, Millennium
6th January 2008 (Round 14)
Sri Lanka CCvOptimistsHKCCOptimists won by 5 wkts
KCCvScorpionsKCCScorpions won by 7 wkts
Little Sai WanvWanderersMRLittle Sai Wan won by 8 wkts
Bye: Pakistan Association, Millennium, Vagabonds
13th January 2008 (Round 15)
OptimistsvWanderersHKCCWanderers won by 1 wkt
Pakistan AssociationvKCCKCCPakistan Association won by 5 wkts
Sri Lanka CCvMillenniumMRMillennium won by 235 runs
Bye: Scorpions, Little Sai Wan, Vagabonds
20th January 2008 (Round 16)
ScorpionsvLittle Sai WanHKCCLittle Sai Wan won by 4 wkts
MillenniumvOptimistsMRMillennium won by 7 wkts
Bye: KCC, Wanderers, Pakistan Association, Sri Lanka CC, Vagabonds
27th January 2008 (Round 17)
WanderersvSri Lanka CCHKCCWanderers won by 405 runs
KCCvVagabondsKCCKCC won by 82 runs
OptimistsvPakistan AssociationMRPakistan Association won by 60 runs
Bye: Scorpions, Little Sai Wan, Millennium
3rd February 2008 (Round 18)
WanderersvPakistan AssociationHKCCWanderers won by 2 wkts
KCCvScorpionsKCCKCC won by 5 wkts
Little Sai WanvOptimistsMRLittle Sai Wan won by 54 runs
Bye: Sri Lanka CC, Vagabonds, Millennium
10th February 2008 (Round 19)
WanderersvScorpionsHKCCScorpions won by 50 runs
Sri Lanka CCvKCCKCCKCC won by 206 runs
Bye: Vagabonds, Optimists, Pakistan Association, Little Sai Wan, Millennium
24th February 2008 (Elimination/Qualifying Finals) (Round 20)
Little Sai WanvPakistan AssociationMRLittle Sai Wan won by 3 wkts
MillenniumvScorpionsHKCCWashed out
WanderersvVagabondsPTCVagabonds won by 87 runs
KCCvOptimistsKCCKCC won by 18 runs
2nd March 2008 (Elimination Finals) (Round 21)
Pakistan AssociationvVagabondsMRPakistan Association won by 125 runs
ScorpionsvMillenniumHKCCMillennium won by 1 wkt
9th March 2008 (Semi-Final/Preliminary Final) (Round 22)
ScorpionsvKCCHKCCKCC won by 5 wkts
Pakistan AssociationvMillenniumMR

Pakistan Association won by 13 runs
[See MDC Rulings]

16th March 2008 (1st Preliminary Final) (Round 23)
Little Sai WanvKCCMRKCC won by 60 runs
6th April 2008 (Grand Final) (Round 24)
Pakistan AssocationvKCCKCCPakistan Association won by 6 wkts