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2007-08 MDC Members

The members of the MDC in 2007-08 are Mark Burns (Chairman), Mark Eames, Peter Slack and Anoop Gidwani. All are elected by the League & Cup Committee.

The Committee's mandate is specified in the Articles of Association and MDC Charter and Procedures are published in the HKCA Handbook.


The following are rulings made by the MDC during the 2007-08 season:

MCC St Georges vs CCC, Hong Kong Cricket Club, Saturday Cup 5th April, 2008

After considering the reports from both sides and the officiating umpire regarding the HKCA Saturday Cup match between MCC St George's and CCC played at HKCC on 5th April 2008, the MDC has concluded that due to MCC St George's utilising an ineligible player, the game will be awarded to CCC.

Michael Jamieson

Millenium CC vs Pakistan Association, Mission Road, 9th March 2008

The MDC called for and reviewed the report from the umpire in determining the result of the match.

We understand that the cut off time was adjusted to cater to the fact that it was to be a reduced overs game ( 47 overs). At the cut off time, Pakistan Association had bowled 45 out of their required 47 overs. However the umpire had given 2 overs good cause to Pak Association. Accordingly, Pakistan Association were not penalised for those 2 overs. The playing time should have been extended to cater to the 2 overs to be bowled by Pakistan Association, which we understand is what happened.

Accordingly, it is determined that Pakistan Association beat MCC by 13 runs.

Mark Burns
Chairman, MDC