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Revised fixtures are shown in italics. Highlighted fixtures are not played on Saturdays.

2008-09 HKCA Saturday League - Fixtures & Results
DateHome TeamvsAway TeamVenueResult
6-Sep-08Kai Tak CCvsCentaursMRKai Tak won by 8 wkts
6-Sep-08LSW St George'svsHong Kong UniversityHKUHKU won by 3 wkts
13-Sep-08KCC TartarsvsKai Tak CCKCCTartars won by 12 runs
13-Sep-08HKCC WitherersvsHKCC NomadsHKCCNomads won by 3 runs
13-Sep-08Hong Kong UniversityvsLamma CCHKUHKU won by 42 runs
13-Sep-08Craigengower CCvsMainlandersMRCCC won by 57 runs
15-Sep-08Millennium CCvsCentaursMRCentaurs won by 9 runs
20-Sep-08CentaursvsHKCC WitherersHKCCCentaurs won by 8 runs
20-Sep-08KCC TartarsvsKCC SaracensKCCTartars won by 10 runs
20-Sep-08Laguna GullyvsHKCC Gap RamblersMRGap Ramblers won by 140 runs
27-Sep-08Craigengower CCvsHong Kong UniversityHKUHKU won by 8 wkts
27-Sep-08Laguna GullyvsCentaursMRCentaurs won by 8 wkts
27-Sep-08SCC VampiresvsKCC TartarsKCCTartars won by 35 runs
27-Sep-08HKCC WitherersvsLSW St George'sHKCCSt George's won by 8 wkts
1-Oct-08LSW WarriorsvsSCC VampiresMRWarriors won by 5 wkts
4-Oct-08HKCC NomadsvsMainlandersHKCCNomads won by 64 runs
4-Oct-08LSW St George'svsKCC CrusadersMRCrusaders won by sperior run-rate
4-Oct-08Hong Kong UniversityvsKCC TartarsHKUTartars won by sperior run-rate
7-Oct-08Craigengower CCvsKCC SaracensKCCSaracens won by 12 runs
7-Oct-08Kai Tak CCvsLaguna GullyMRKai Tak won by 80 runs
11-Oct-08SCC VampiresvsHong Kong UniversityHKUHKU won by 198 runs
11-Oct-08HKCC NomadsvsCentaursHKCCNomads won by 1 wkt
11-Oct-08Craigengower CCvsLSW WarriorsMRWarriors won by 4 wkts
11-Oct-08KCC TartarsvsKCC CrusadersKCCTartars won by 21 runs
18-Oct-08Kai Tak CCvsLSW St George'sMRSt George's won by 5 wkts
18-Oct-08Lamma CCvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKCCGap Ramblers won by 19 runs
18-Oct-08Hong Kong UniversityvsKCC SaracensHKUHKU won by 68 runs
18-Oct-08KCC TartarsvsCraigengower CCKCCTartars won by 14 runs
25-Oct-08HKCC Gap RamblersvsHKCC NomadsHKCCGap Ramblers won by 4 wkts
25-Oct-08LSW WarriorsvsHKCC WitherersMRWarriors won by 5 wkts
25-Oct-08KCC CrusadersvsKCC SaracensKCCSaracens won by 42 runs
25-Oct-08CentaursvsHong Kong UniversityHKUHKU won by 167 runs
1-Nov-08HKCC NomadsvsLSW St George'sHKCCNomads won by 4 wkts
1-Nov-08Lamma CCvsLaguna GullyMRLamma won by 3 runs
1-Nov-08LSW WarriorsvsHong Kong UniversityHKUHKU won by 9 wkts
15-Nov-08MainlandersvsSCC VampiresMRVampires won by 7 runs
15-Nov-08KCC TartarsvsLamma CCKCCLamma won by 6 wkts
15-Nov-08Millennium CCvsPolice CCPTCPolice won by 12 runs
22-Nov-08KCC SaracensvsHKCC Gap RamblersKCCSaracens won by 61 runs
22-Nov-08Police CCvsLamma CCPTCLamma won by 10 runs
22-Nov-08Kai Tak CCvsHKCC NomadsHKCCNomads won by 7 wkts
22-Nov-08Craigengower CCvsLaguna GullyMRCCC won by 7 wkts
29-Nov-08MainlandersvsKai Tak CCMRKai Tak won by 5 wkts
29-Nov-08HKCC Gap RamblersvsCraigengower CCHKCCGap Ramblers won by 99 runs
29-Nov-08Police CCvsHKCC WitherersPTCPolice won by 12 runs
6-Dec-08Police CCvsKai Tak CCPTCPolice won by 64 runs
13-Dec-08Lamma CCvsSCC VampiresMRLamma won by 126 runs
13-Dec-08HKCC NomadsvsLSW WarriorsHKCCWarriors won by 21 runs
13-Dec-08Laguna GullyvsKCC SaracensKCCSaracens won by 55 runs
13-Dec-08MainlandersvsPolice CCPTCPolice won by 212 runs
20-Dec-08SCC VampiresvsCraigengower CCMRVampires won by 1 run
20-Dec-08Hong Kong UniversityvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKUHKU won by 28 runs
20-Dec-08LSW WarriorsvsKCC TartarsKCCWarriors won by 6 wkts
20-Dec-08HKCC WitherersvsKCC CrusadersHKCCWitherers won by 1 wkt
27-Dec-08LSW St George'svsMainlandersMRSt George's won by 7 wkts
10-Jan-09Laguna GullyvsSCC VampiresMRVampires won by 15 runs
17-Jan-09KCC SaracensvsLSW St George'sKCCSt George's won by 5 wkts
17-Jan-09HKCC NomadsvsMillennium CCHKCCNomads won by 3 wkts
17-Jan-09Laguna GullyvsKCC TartarsMRTartars won by 89 runs
24-Jan-09MainlandersvsMillennium CCMRMillennium won by 91 runs
24-Jan-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsLSW WarriorsHKCCGap Ramblers won by 162 runs
24-Jan-09KCC SaracensvsSCC VampiresKCCVampires won by 7 runs
31-Jan-09Kai Tak CCvsHKCC WitherersHKCCKai Tak won by 74 runs
31-Jan-09LSW WarriorsvsLaguna GullyMRLaguna Gully won by 7 wkts
31-Jan-09KCC CrusadersvsMillennium CCKCCCrusaders won by 23 runs
31-Jan-09CentaursvsPolice CCPTCPolice won by 34 runs
7-Feb-09LSW St George'svsPolice CCPTCPolice won by 100 runs
7-Feb-09Hong Kong UniversityvsLaguna GullyHKUHKU won by 190 runs
7-Feb-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsKCC TartarsHKCCGap Ramblers won by 208 runs
7-Feb-09Millennium CCvsKai Tak CCMRKai Tak won by 5 wkts
7-Feb-09KCC SaracensvsLSW WarriorsKCCWarriors won by 83 runs
14-Feb-09HKCC WitherersvsMillennium CCHKCCMillennium won by 8 wkts
14-Feb-09KCC SaracensvsLamma CCKCCSaracens won by 2 wkts
14-Feb-09LSW St George'svsCentaursMRSt George's won by 31 runs
14-Feb-09Police CCvsHKCC NomadsPTCNomads won by 7 wkts
21-Feb-09Lamma CCvsCraigengower CCHKULamma won by 5 wkts
21-Feb-09SCC VampiresvsMillennium CCMRMillennium won by 63 runs
21-Feb-09KCC CrusadersvsPolice CCKCCCrusaders won by 98 runs
21-Feb-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsHKCC WitherersHKCCGap Ramblers won by 42 runs
28-Feb-09HKCC WitherersvsMainlandersHKCCWitherers won by 6 wkts
28-Feb-09KCC CrusadersvsHKCC NomadsKCCNomads won by 84 runs
28-Feb-09Lamma CCvsLSW WarriorsMRWarriors won by 33 runs
7-Mar-09Millennium CCvsLamma CCMRLamma won by 2 runs
7-Mar-09CentaursvsKCC CrusadersKCCCrusaders won by 6 wkts
14-Mar-09KCC CrusadersvsKai Tak CCKCCKai Tak won by 85 runs
14-Mar-09CentaursvsMainlandersMRMainlanders won by 3 runs
14-Mar-09SCC VampiresvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKCCGap Ramblers won by 35 runs
14-Mar-09Police CCvsCraigengower CCPTCPolice won by 117 runs
21-Mar-09MainlandersvsKCC CrusadersKCCMainlanders won by 219 runs
21-Mar-09Millennium CCvsLSW St George'sMRSt George's won by 7 wkts
21-Mar-09HKCC NomadsvsHKCC Gap RamblersHKCCNomads won by 1 wkt
28-Mar-09Lamma CCvsLSW WarriorsMRWarriors won by 9 wkts
4-Apr-09Hong Kong UniversityvsPolice CCHKUHKU won by 8 wkts
4-Apr-09KCC TartarsvsLSW St George'sKCCTartars won by 5 wkts
4-Apr-09HKCC Gap RamblersvsLSW WarriorsHKCCWarriors won by 8 wkts
11-Apr-09KCC TartarsvsPolice CCKCCPolice won by 6 wkts
18-Apr-09HKCC NomadsvsPolice CCHKCCMatch abandoned. On account of their higher league placing Nomads qualify for the final.
18-Apr-09Hong Kong UniversityvsLSW WarriorsHKUMatch abandoned. On account of their higher league placing HKU qualify for the final.
2-May-09Hong Kong UniversityvsHKCC NomadsHKUHKU won by 8 wkts